Posted on Monday, November 30, 2020

Pratt Daily Hub: A Roundup of Ideas & Projects from around the Institute

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  • Through August 8, Harvestworks on Governors Island is exhibiting “Scintillator,” an installation by Visiting Assistant Professor Joseph Morris with the help of Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences Helio Takai. The work uses computer-controlled electromagnets to turn inverted wine glasses into sonic resonators, similar to running a finger along the rim of a glass, creating an immersive experience of sound and technology. (07/21)

  • Visit the news page for a roundup of seven murals from the Pratt community to visit this summer, including “Pop-Up Pool Party” by Melissa Dadourian, BFA ’91, that covers the Manhattan Park pool on Roosevelt Island with vibrant shapes (07/21) :

  • At Night All Blood Is Black by David Diop, which was translated by Anna Moschovakis, adjunct associate professor-CCE in the Writing Department, was included on Former President Barack Obama’s summer reading list. The book was recently awarded the 2021 International Booker Prize. (07/20)

  • “Neighbors/Voisin.e.s” by Ken Aptekar, MFA ’75, is on view through August 1 in the Chapelle St-Aubin in Autun, France, as part of the Biennale Internationale Autun. The centerpiece of the installation is a series of six diptychs that reflect on religious tolerance, otherness, immigration, and community. His ongoing work on these issues through art was previously highlighted on (07/20)

  • Ursula Michelle, MS Packaging Design ’22, won the Grand Prize in the sixth annual Role Models Contest hosted by Parsons Healthy Materials Lab. The competition challenges students to combine design innovation with advocacy for healthier futures. Michelle’s “Rethinking Contact Lens Packaging” project reimagines disposable blister packs through smart packaging design that emphasizes reuse and compostable materials. Graduate industrial design students Charlotte Böhning and Mary Lempres were also recognized with an Honorable Mention for “(Stool)Stool” made with biochar. (07/19)

  • Instructors in Pratt's Center for Art, Design, and Community Engagement K-12 are being highlighted on @PrattYouth, including alumnus Noel Caban who has been teaching in the Saturday Art School program since 2017: “Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed watching students make intuitive creative connections and derive a sense of satisfaction from their artwork. I like to think that those moments of creativity will continue to be a tool and resource in their emotional and intellectual development as they grow.” (07/19):

Throughout the Institute, students, faculty, and staff are developing new ideas and solutions during this time of hybrid and remote learning. We are working together to support and foster Pratt’s unique creative community across campus and beyond. The Pratt Daily Hub is an ongoing roundup of some of the exciting initiatives, projects, and plans that are coming together in real time.