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I-20 Request Information

I-20 Applications

1) You must first apply for and be accepted into the Certificate in English Proficiency (CEP) Program or the Summer Certificate Program (SCP).

2) After you are accepted, you must make a deposit. Within one week after you make your deposit, you will get your OneKey and the Office of International Affairs will email you instructions for applying for the I-20. The I-20 is needed for the F-1 student visa. 

3) Students who do not need an I-20 or DS-2019 will still need to fill out the first part of the I-20 application, called the ISF (International Student Form) to have the OIA hold removed.  OneKey refers to your login and password, which will enable you to access not just the I-20 application but also your registration schedule, your bill, and much more. Please see information about the estimated expenses needed for the I-20 here.


If you plan to apply for Pratt’s 2022 Summer Certificate Program (SCP), please submit your SCP Application form by May 1, 2022. If you are not an F1 transfer student and will need an F1 visa, then please apply earlier as the I-20 application deadline is April 15 to ensure you have enough time to start the program on time.  If you have been accepted into a degree program at Pratt for the Fall 2022 semester, please note this on your SCP application form. 

Students who will continue into a degree program at Pratt after the SCP will need to show enough funds are available for both the SCP and the first year of the degree program. They will get the I-20  for the SCP first and will show this SCP I-20 at the visa interview. To show they are continuing into a degree after the SCP,  the student will bring the acceptance letter for the degree program. In the letter, there will be a remark about continuing into the degree program on the SCP I-20. Students will get the I-20 for the degree program after successful completion of the SCP in August.

For more information, please visit Pratt’s Office of International Affairs.