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Friday, Dec 7, 2018

  • Started October 8, 2018   Contextualizing Fashion
    Norman and Rubelle Schafler Gallery, Chemistry Building, 1st Floor, Brooklyn Campus
  • Event(s) at 9:00 AM

    Event(s) at 11:00 AM

  • 11:00 AM   Innamorato
    Pratt Photography Gallery, ARC Building, Lower Level, Brooklyn Campus
  • 11:00 AM   Ambiguous Territory: Architecture, Landscape, and the Postnatural
    Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 144 West 14th Street, Second Floor
  • 11:00 AM   UNTITLED, ART. Miami Beach, 2018
    Booth #A48 at UNTITLED, Miami Beach, Ocean Drive and 12th Street, South Beach, Miami
  • Event(s) at 4:00 PM

  • 4:30 PM   School of Information Town Hall
    Pratt Manhattan Center, Room 610
  • Event(s) at 5:00 PM

  • 5:30 PM   School of Information Holiday Party
    Pratt Manhattan Center, Room 213
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