The Post-Pandemic Remobilization Operations Task Force (PPRO) is developing plans, policies, and resources for working at Pratt. 

Information is available here and will be continuously updated for faculty and staff support, procedures, and services, revised hiring and remote working policies, budget and finance information, and the use of work and service spaces at Pratt.

Remote Work

Pratt’s Telepresence Cloud Kit includes guidance for remote work including forwarding your phone, setting up your VPN remote access, and using Slack for communication.

Reduced Staffing

When the campus is operating at the Amber level, classes remain in session in an on-line format and students continue to access many campus facilities as well as live in the residence halls. To maintain continuity of operations and provide students with an appropriate level of support, the Institute operates with reduced staffing levels. This may be accomplished through a combination of in-person, remote or hybrid staffing. 

For non-academic administrators, individual managers, in consultation with their respective vice-president, will determine the level of staffing required to provide a consistent and appropriate level of service to the campus community. Academic administrators should consult with their dean, chair, director or the Provost’s office to make this determination.  Staff previously identified as “essential” will continue to report on a normal work schedule.

COVID-19 Vaccination Time Off Policy

New York State legislation enables faculty and staff to use paid time off to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Faculty and staff would be allowed up to four hours of excused leave per injection that would not be charged against any other leave. Policy details and the process to upload your vaccination documents can be found here.

Returning to Campus

All faculty and staff must follow the steps outlined in the Campus Access Checklist before accessing campus.

Reserving Private Offices or Workstations

Space is available for faculty and staff who desire a temporary work location or private space when on the Brooklyn and Pratt Manhattan campuses. These spaces are available for reservation through OnePratt and 25Live.

Emotional Support Resources for Faculty and Staff

Feeling anxious or worried? Find available resources from HR.

Join other staff members in Mindful Pratt as they share meditation, mindfulness, and breathing practices. Sessions are offered weekdays during the semester for both the Pratt Community and public. All practices are drop-in.

Reporting COVID-19 Concerns

Faculty and staff members who feel ill should contact their medical provider. (Read “Could My Symptoms Be Covid-19?”) If they are diagnosed with COVID-19 or are exposed to someone who has been diagnosed, they should follow the directions of their medical provider and their local departments of health. After they have taken these steps first, they should inform their supervisor and Human Resources that they are feeling ill and are unable to continue to work from home. Human Resources will assist in determining the appropriate leave for each employee’s situation. Faculty and staff should contact the Pratt Benefits team to assist with this process at and include their best contact information. Human Resources will then inform their department of the status of the faculty or staff member as appropriate.

Reporting Health and Safety Concerns

The Pratt Safe app offers a discrete process for reporting your concerns related to health and safety of the community and campus. Access the “COVID Concerns” form under the “Return to Campus During COVID” section to start this process. While this process is not anonymous, all information will be relayed to the appropriate departments and treated with discretion as we work together to promote health and safety.