Whether in the classroom or other interactions, both in-person and remote, students, faculty, and staff are advised to keep the following in mind.

  • The CDC recommends that everyone gets vaccinated for the flu, take everyday preventive actions to stop the spread of germs, and take medications if prescribed. While the current flu vaccine has no impact on COVID-19, it is still advised that everyone receives the flu vaccine to prevent other strains of the flu.

  • If you notice that students are showing signs of extreme distress regarding this situation, please encourage them to contact the Pratt Counseling Services. Appointments can be scheduled at therapy@pratt.edu or 718.636.6787. Currently, video sessions are offered through a secure platform.

  • If you have any concerns about students who may be showing signs of illness or if you have additional questions about the health and safety of your students, Pratt community members can call the following services:

    Health Services at 718.399.4542, during business hours
    Public Safety at 718.636.3540, after hours

  • As a final note, we caution against potentially stigmatizing international students from China. The risk of Coronavirus is not bound by race or nationality. We encourage the Pratt community to read the CDC anti-stigma guidelines for facts about this illness. If anyone in our community has experienced or witnessed any incident of bias, discrimination, or harassment, please report it to the Bias Education Response Task Force using the Bias Incident Report Form.