Pratt is committed, as always, to delivering a world-class education with our renowned faculty. More information about the academic curriculum is available online.

We are planning for the vast majority of our classes to be in person for the spring semester.  While there may be courses and programs that we will still offer online or in hybrid form, and campus conditions may require flexibility, we know how much many of our disciplines benefit from robust, in-person delivery. Thus, while students may be able to make progress toward degree completion if choosing to study remotely, not all required classes will be available online.  

Pratt's degree programs educate students in a wide range of fields and ensure that students achieve the outcomes specific to their fields. Achieving those outcomes is ultimately what it takes to complete a degree, and there can be more than one path to that end.

Schools, departments, and individual faculty have been working diligently over the last two years to ensure that all of the course offerings will be of the highest quality in all modes of delivery. No matter where or how our students choose to take courses or access services, they will be supported by our dedicated and distinguished faculty and staff, and the enhanced robust technology needed to learn and create. We are committed to providing an excellent and equitable Pratt educational experience online, as well as safe campus conditions.

Overall, the education we offer is as excellent as and we are committed to being flexible as we support our students through their years at Pratt and to graduation.