Semester Calendar

As described in the  June 11th email from Provost Kirk E. Pillow, Fall semester classes will begin on Monday, August 24. In-person instruction will conclude on Tuesday, November 24 before the Thanksgiving Break. Following the break, in order to eliminate the heightened risk of infection from holiday travel and family gatherings, the final two weeks of the semester will be completed virtually, with the last day of the semester being Friday, December 11. Please reference Pratt’s Academic Calendar for additional information. 

Course Offerings

To accomplish the necessary distancing on our campuses, more than two-thirds of courses and course sections will be offered entirely virtually, while some courses will meet partially in person and partially online. Required studio courses in the degree programs that depend upon access to specialized equipment and facilities will be prioritized for in-person meetings, whether throughout or for parts of the semester. Most non-studio, academic courses will be run virtually.

For courses that are offered in numerous distinct sections, some sections will be offered virtually to ensure that students who are not able to convene in person, or do not wish to, can enroll in virtual course sections. Students who wish to complete the semester entirely online will be able to. Again, all courses, whether in person, virtual, or a blend of the two, will finish the semester virtually following Thanksgiving Break.

Student Planning

Continuing students who have pre-registered for Fall 2020 will need to revisit their Fall course schedule given these changes to calendar and course formats. Through the Student Self-Service Portal, students will be able to learn which courses have been designated for in-person or virtual delivery, and will be able to adjust their schedule as needed. All of these designations will be visible via the Student Self-Service Portal beginning on Monday, July 20. 

New undergraduate students will be registered by Undergraduate Advisement during July.  New graduate students will register through their programs.