Social or Work Space

There are social and work spaces on campus available to students. While using these locations, students are responsible for adhering to all aspects of the social contract, including wearing masks. Reservable work or teaching space is also available for faculty and staff.

Drop-In Spaces

Student Union (main space only)
Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM, capacity 62

Center for Equity and Inclusion (Main Building, lower level)
Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, capacity 9

Design Center Lounge (first floor)
Monday through Friday, 7 AM–11 PM, capacity 24

Lounge area of ARC Lower
Monday through Friday, 7 AM–11 PM, capacity 15

Reservable Spaces, Offices, or Workstations

To support remote and hybrid learning, space is available for students who desire a work location or private space when on the Brooklyn and Pratt Manhattan campuses. 

Rooms in Learning/Access Center (ISC, first floor)
Monday through Friday, 7 AM–11PM, capacity 1

Students may reserve L/AC rooms through the OnePratt website:

  1. Under the Learning/Access Center (L/AC), select “Schedule an appointment.”

  2. Then select “Book a room.”

  3. Once the reservation is confirmed, you are set. 

  4. Visit the reception desk in Room #104 upon entering the 1st floor for access.

Pratt Manhattan (Rooms 707A and 707B office space, no computer)
Monday through Sunday, 7 AM–11 PM, capacity 1

Rooms are available for in-person reservation on a first-come basis. Reservation schedule is outside each room:

  • Email Cedric Jackson, facility and building manager, at to ensure rooms are cleaned, and disinfected after use.

Alternate Indoor Dining Locations

While seating is limited in the dining hall, there are alternate indoor seating areas available for brief meals on both campuses: Student Union, Design Center Lounge, ARC ground floor lobby, Higgins Hall Cafe, PMC 2nd Floor Lounge and 7th Floor Lounge. Masks may be removed briefly while eating, maintaining distance between you and others. Meals should be limited to 15 minutes with one person per table. These spaces should not be used for gathering.  

Getting Involved at Pratt

While at Pratt, you will explore many academic opportunities that will shape your identity and career path. Pratt hopes, in addition to your academic endeavors, you will explore identity beyond classes through involvement in clubs, organizations, recreation, and student employment opportunities. By getting involved, you will gain valuable skills that will enhance your personal and professional development. Many clubs and organizations will continue to meet virtually this semester, giving you the opportunity to connect with your classmates and others with similar areas of interest.

To find the most current list of student organizations and club-sponsored events at Pratt, sign in to Engage with your OneKey. Clubs and organizations will look for new members throughout the school year. If you don’t see something of interest, contact Student Government Association or Student Involvement and we will see what we can do to help you find your niche at Pratt.


There are many resources on campus to help students manage their wellbeing. Counseling Services are staffed by experienced mental health professionals. To schedule a consultation, please email or call 718-687-5356. Crisis counseling is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 718-687-5356. 

In addition to individual and crisis counseling, the Center also hosts several support groups. This semester these include:

  • Addressing Body Image & Ideals: A Body Image Process Group - Every Monday (time TBD), Duration: 60 minutes

  • CHOICES - a therapy group for anyone who would like to explore their use of alcohol, drugs and/or nicotine. No requirement to change use. 

  • Grief group : Interpersonal Process group

More information about these groups by reaching out to us at


Pratt also offers many programs through the Resilience, Wellness and Wellbeing Council and Project. This includes several opportunities for group reflection and mindfulness practices. The Health Promotion and Well-being Calendar lists a variety of yoga, and community well-being sessions, resources, and actions that you can take for self-care.

Social Contract

Pratt Institute is asking each member of our community to pledge accountability by signing a social contract agreeing to abide by requirements and expectations that will contribute significantly toward reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Athletics and Recreation

Visit for the most updated information on Athletics and Recreation.