In April 2020 Pratt’s President Frances Bronet called for two complementary task forces to begin planning the reopening of Pratt's campuses: one for academic planning convened by Provost Kirk E. Pillow, and the other for post-lockdown operations, led by Cathleen Kenny, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Fall Academic Scenarios Task Force

The Fall Academic Scenarios Task Force has evaluated potential changes to the academic calendar and to formats for offering courses, based on different pandemic scenarios. These scenarios have ranged from being able to resume full in-person instruction to needing to teach and learn entirely online. Scenarios in between have included variations on convening the campus somewhat in person while needing to run many courses virtually.

The task force has gathered input from students, faculty, the schools and their departments, and academic support staff. Recommendations of the task force have been evaluated by Provost's Council, Chairs Council, and Pratt's Senior Staff and President.

The membership:

  • Donna Heiland, Interim Provost

  • Anita Cooney, Dean, School of Design

  • John Decker, Chair, History of Art and Design

  • Luke Phillips, Registrar

  • Chris Alan Sula, Associate Professor, School of Information; President, Academic Senate

  • Judit Török, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Post-Pandemic Remobilization Operations Task Force (PPRO)

The PPRO Task Force has been responsible for assessing, planning, and executing operational strategies to support the new or emerging needs that arise from reopening our campuses to students, faculty and staff either virtually, face-to-face, or some combination of both. By necessity, the PPRO’s work has aligned with and supported the recommendations that emerge from the Academic Scenarios Task Force.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency in January 2020, Pratt Institute responded proactively by coordinating efforts to protect the health and safety of the Institute and our community. The PPRO has continued that effort by examining every aspect of campus life and ensuring faculty, students, and staff will be able to return to the safest possible environment. The work of this group includes the development of new policies, enhanced technological services and support, and community input and feedback, as we proceed through the process of bringing our community back together on campus. Pratt continues to maintain ongoing coordination with both the NYC and State Departments of Health, as well as fellow NYC colleges and universities. 

  • Cathleen Kenny, Vice President for Finance and Administration

  • Martha Cedarholm, Senior Student Advocate and Care Coordinator

  • Erica Dagley Galea, Project Manager, Pratt Communications and Marketing

  • Christopher Gavlick, Chief Facilities Officer

  • Nicole Haas, Chief of Staff to the President

  • Joseph Hemway, Vice President of Information Technology

  • James Kempster, Vice President for Communications and Marketing

  • Delmy Lendof, Vice President for Student Affairs

  • Rick Longo, Vice President for Enrollment Management 

  • Camille Martin-Thomsen, Acting Associate Provost for Academic Affairs


  • Dennis Mazone, Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety and Preparedness

  • Tom Nawabi, Comptroller

  • Luke Phillips, Registrar

  • Steven Riccobono, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources

  • Kimberlae Saul, Director of Planning and Design

  • Audrey Schultz, Associate Professor, Construction/Facilities Management

  • Debbie Scott, Director of Health Services

  • Maira Seara, Dean, Continuing & Professional Studies

  • Elisabeth Sullivan, Director of the Learning/Access Center

  • Jolene Travis, Executive Director of Public Relations and Editorial Communications