Supporting the reopening of our campuses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic requires that all faculty and staff returning to campus for the 2020-2021 academic year agree to and abide by clear standards and expectations that promote appropriate behavior and goodwill. As members of the Pratt community, accepting responsibility for our friends, family, colleagues and the wider community will contribute significantly toward reducing the spread of Covid-19.

The following standards were written in consultation with members of the Pratt community, including faculty, students and staff. They are designed to be a temporary addition to the existing community standards which we all agree to abide by as members of this community. A separate social contract has been developed for students by the Office of Students Affairs. All students, whether resident or commuter, must agree to abide by the standards outlined in the Student Social Contract. Remember that the risk of contracting COVID-19 is not bound by race or nationality. If you are aware of anyone in our community who has experienced or witnessed any incident of bias, discrimination, or harassment, please report it using the Bias Incident Report Form.

As a faculty or staff member, working at or visiting Pratt’s campuses, you agree to abide by the following conditions:

Health monitoring and testing 

  • Observe all requirements for daily self-assessment, daily temperature assessment, reporting of symptoms, and diagnostic testing;

  • If you receive a positive diagnostic test result OR if you are found to currently have COVID-19 regardless of symptoms, you will contact the Office of Human Resources and refrain from entering campus until such time as you receive medical clearance to return to work.

  • You will notify Human Resources of positive test results for the purpose of contact tracing and you will cooperate with contact tracers.  

  • You agree not to come to work if you have symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

Face coverings and Personal Hygiene 

  • You agree to wear an appropriate face covering or mask, which covers the nose and mouth at all times while on campus, when not working alone in a private office. Contact Human Resources if you need assistance with an accommodation relating to this requirement.

  • You agree to virus-specific personal hygiene practices including:

    • Frequent handwashing with soap and water and/or use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and 

    • Covering a sneeze or cough with your elbow or by using a disposable tissue and discarding appropriately. 

    • Clean your space before you leave each day with the disinfecting supplies provided by the Facilities Department in order to reduce the risk to others, including our cleaning staff.  

Social Distancing: maintaining a minimum 6 ft of distance from others

  • To the extent possible, you agree to maintain appropriate social distance from others in any location on campus.

  • You agree to abide by all posted signage indicating reduced elevator occupancy, as well as adhering to stairwell directional signs indicating up or down direction of travel. Stairwells are to be used when possible, especially on lower floors except in case of emergency when all stairwells become emergency exit paths

  • You agree to give priority for elevator usage to individuals with special access needs.

  • Lobbies are not to be gathering spaces and social distancing must be maintained when swiping into a building/space or waiting for an elevator.

  • Continue to hold team meetings virtually to eliminate gathering in conference rooms.

  • I understand that until further notice, the Institution is discouraging large in-person gatherings, in order to prevent the possibility of spreading COVID-19. In-person gatherings should be limited to the very few activities that cannot be accomplished remotely. Institute events such as lectures, symposia, and celebrations will not be held in-person in Fall 2020, and are already being planned as remote activities.

Visitation, guests, outside vendors

  • To the extent possible, minimize the need for visitors to campus. Advise outside vendors, guests or other visitors of the health monitoring protocols in place and of their required participation to obtain access to campus.  

Limit to travel when possible

  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to limit nonessential personal travel; Pratt-sponsored travel is not authorized until further notice.

Reopening our campuses safely relies on each member of the community and is designed to reduce risk, not eliminate it. Each of us must recognize that external variables that we bring back to our community increases the risk for all of us. Our personal decisions and actions must be guided by the need to protect each other. Please note that failure to comply with the requirements outlined in the Social Contract for Faculty and Staff may result in disciplinary action and/or denial of entry to Pratt campuses. 

View and sign the social contact