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COVID Testing & Monitoring

Positive COVID-19 cases can be submitted through the reporting form.

If you are testing on campus there is no need to submit test results. Only upload if you are submitting a positive test from an off campus testing center.

If you are submitting a COVID-19 vaccination or booster record, please follow the instructions on the vaccine page.

On Campus Testing

The last opportunity for on-campus PCR testing will be Wednesday, December 14. After that, Pratt will no longer offer self administered COVID-19 testing kits. 

Free, self administered COVID-19 PCR testing kits will continue to be available in Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 AM to 4 PM through Wednesday, December 14. All COVID-19 test kits are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and no appointments are required. Testing kits can be pick up and dropped off at the following locations:

Brooklyn Campus: Engineering 105 (Public Safety Office), Student Union (Main Desk, near Grand Ave Entrance) and Human Resources (2nd Floor Myrtle Hall)

Manhattan Campus: Main Lobby Public Safety desk

Pratt strongly urges you to take advantage of this free testing service available to all students, faculty, and staff. You can get tested, for whatever reason—if you have recently traveled, participated in a large group gathering, or simply would like the comfort of knowing whether or not you have COVID-19.  

On Campus Testing InstructionsPratt’s COVID-19 testing is self administered and instructions are available online to help create an account, activate a kit, and collect your sample. Video instructions are provided in English, Spanish and Chinese.

  1. Have your ID ready to pick up your collection kit.
  2. Follow all sample collections instructions carefully.
  3. Activate your collection kit before you return it.
  4. Drop off your kit by 5:00pm on the same day you collected it. Kits may be returned at any of the locations listed above.
  5. Before you drop your sample, review the questions below:
    1. Did you activate your collection kit? If not, do it online now. You will need the barcode information that’s on your collection tube to do this.
    2. Are you dropping off your own sample? If there is any chance that it was mixed up with someone else’s sample, get a new collection kit. 
    3. Did you collect your sample the same day you are dropping it off? If not, you must get a new collection kit. 

We strongly urge you to take advantage of free testing service available to students, faculty, and staff. You can get tested, for whatever reason—if you have recently traveled, participated in a large group gathering, or simply would like the comfort of knowing whether or not you have COVID-19. 

Approved Exemptions

Beginning Thursday, December 15, students, faculty, or staff who have been approved for a medical or religious exemption are no longer required to be tested weekly for COVID-19 in order to fully access campus. Students, faculty, and staff with an approved exemption must still meet the requirements for full vaccination in order to fully access campus. In addition, you will also be required to complete the COVID-19 Daily Self Assessment, located in the Pratt Safe App under “Returning to Campus During COVID,” prior to coming to campus.

Off Campus Testing

How to Get A Test

  • Free COVID-19 diagnostic (PCR) testing sites can be located on Free testing is also available nationwide
  • Free at-home rapid testing kits are available for pick up at locations in NYC and can be ordered from
  • Students, faculty and staff may also contact MedRite to schedule an appointment. MedRite has locations near our Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses.
  • You may also visit your personal healthcare provider for a test.Please note: A diagnostic test is used to determine if an individual is currently infected, whereas the antibody test is used to detect antibodies to COVID-19 from prior infection. So please be sure to request a diagnostic test. 

How to Submit Your Positive Results

Retesting of Positive COVID-19 Cases

The CDC has determined that in some individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, there may be continuously low levels of detectable virus in subsequent tests for up to ninety days. Current guidance does not advise repeated testing unless determined by a medical provider.

Health Screening

Community members at Pratt are asked to monitor their health daily before coming to campus, follow the steps in the Actions and Impact guide.