Monitoring and managing COVID-19 on campus is essential. Pratt has developed a comprehensive and efficient strategy to ensure timely diagnostic testing of students, faculty, and staff. When COVID-19 is detected, among anyone in the Pratt community, safe self-isolating should begin immediately and identification of close contacts will commence.

After January 4, 2021, all students, faculty and staff will be required to submit a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test result (PCR test) prior to entering campus. Please read the testing steps below carefully.

All students, faculty and staff will be required to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR diagnostic test result (not a rapid test) prior to entering campus after January 4, 2021, regardless of previous testing for the Fall semester. The negative COVID-19 PCR test result must be dated within seven (7) days prior to returning to campus.

Pratt does not accept rapid COVID-19 tests, antibody/antigen tests, or self-administered PCR tests that are done without a medical provider supervising. Be aware, if you do not have symptoms some testing locations will only administer rapid testing, not PCR. You must find a testing location that will conduct a PCR test.

Faculty and staff should submit test results using the online COVID Test Results form. (Students scheduled to reside in the residence halls for Spring 2021 should confirm COVID-19 test result submission dates with Residential Life and Housing staff.)

Test results may not appear in the system for up to 24 hours (Monday - Friday) after you have submitted them. Supervisors should plan accordingly with their staff for remote work while test results are being processed.

We encourage you to monitor local COVID-19 testing turnaround times, as these may vary depending on demand for testing, and factor this into your planned return to campus. Please continue to monitor this page for additional details about the timeline for submitting test results.

Have questions? Read our testing FAQs.