This section outlines the protocols that are implemented Institute-wide (academic spaces, labs, shops, studios, recreational and dorms).

Pratt will continue to implement the best practices for cleaning and disinfecting as recommended by New York State (NYS) and Center for Disease Control (CDC).  These practices will be consistent for both campuses. These practices will be implemented in all administrative, academic and common areas.

Building Care

Routine cleaning practices will occur in common areas. Pratt will clean during the day and/or evening schedules. Daily routine to include; cleaning of all bathrooms and common spaces such as lobby, stairwell, elevators, garbage removal from all spaces, spot vacuuming and floor care as needed, cleaning and vacuuming the building entrances flooring. 

  • Daily cleaning of classrooms, offices, studio (shared) to include trash removal. (morning or evenings)

  • Daily cleaning of common areas, restrooms, lounges, stairwells and elevators.

  • Policing of restrooms will occur throughout the day, signage will be posted.

  • Daily cleaning of white/black boards.  

  • Facilities will continue to clean and disinfect “shared” spaces, however departments will be responsible for maintaining personal office spaces as well as personal high touch items, printers, desktops and appliances to include microwaves and refrigerators

  • Floor maintenance to occur weekly.

  • In the event that spaces will be used beyond the normal schedules, you must email the Office of Facilities Management to ensure your area is cleaned and disinfected each day.

  • For additional cleaning and disinfecting, you can submit a work order request via phone (ext. 3579) or online work order 

  • Please note the new hours of campus operation to accommodate daily cleaning

Campus Disinfecting

Pratt will perform electrostatic and fogging methods for disinfecting restrooms, common areas, offices (shared) stairs, corridors, entrances and elevators and “high touched points.” All products used will meet CDC, EPA, OSHA standards. Disinfecting schedules may vary and are contingent upon specific operational hours.

Institute-wide disinfecting of all buildings will occur monthly to be outsourced.

Daily disinfecting of all high touch points in classrooms, studios, offices will occur once a day 

Daily disinfecting in common areas will occur twice daily

Common Areas examples; lounges, stairwells, restrooms, elevators, corridor (door handles and light switches) 

Deep cleaning and disinfecting of all areas will occur monthly (frequency subject to change based on need).  Please allow up to 4-6 hours monthly to thoroughly disinfect these areas.  Schedules will be posted with this information.

Hygiene & Cleaning

Pratt is constantly monitoring the situation and implementing the best practices for cleaning and disinfecting protocols pursuant to CDC and NYHD guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19. This will include procedures and frequency for all areas, including academic, administrative, dorms, studios, labs and computer rooms. 

These recommendations include the responsibility of area managers and students to disinfect personal and shared equipment and tools daily; before and after every use. In addition, Pratt is recommending that the occupants of single-use offices and workstations are responsible for daily routine cleaning of all desk surfaces, keyboards, mouse, phone etc. in administrative and academic offices.