Hygiene & Cleaning

Pratt is constantly monitoring the situation and implementing the best practices for cleaning and disinfecting protocols pursuant to CDC and NYHD guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19. This will include procedures and frequency for all areas, including academic, administrative, dorms, studios, labs and computer rooms. 

These recommendations include the responsibility of area managers and students to disinfect personal and shared equipment and tools daily; before and after every use. In addition, Pratt is recommending that the occupants of single-use offices and workstations are responsible for daily routine cleaning of all desk surfaces, keyboards, mouse, phone etc. in administrative and academic offices.

Building Care

Routine cleaning practices will occur in common areas. Pratt will clean during the day and/or evening schedules. Daily routine to include; cleaning of all bathrooms and common spaces such as lobby, stairwell, elevators, garbage removal from all spaces, spot vacuuming and floor care as needed, cleaning and vacuuming the building entrances flooring. 

Administrative/Academic Offices

Routine cleaning practices will occur. Pratt will clean these areas once during the day or evening. Daily routine includes; removal of trash, dusting, dust mop and spot mopping as required and vacuuming as needed, carpet cleaning upon request.  Complete disinfecting and mopping of floors will occur once a week.  


Pratt recognizes that studio spaces are extremely crucial to the overall educational scope of Pratt agenda, however, in an effort to ensure safety and health and recommended guidelines issued by the CDC  and NYDH, it’s strongly suggested that cleaning and disinfecting schedules are applied to each class up to 1-3 hours. Cleaning and disinfecting operations will be based on capacity and square footage.

Disinfecting Program (Phase I)

Pratt will perform electrostatic and fogging methods for disinfecting restrooms, common areas, offices (shared) stairs, corridors, entrances and elevators  and “high touched points.” All products used will meet CDC, EPA, OSHA standards.  Disinfecting schedules may vary and are contingent upon specific operational hours.

Emergency Responses

We are committed to implementing best practices in ensuring the safety of the Pratt community. We have retained the services of three (3) contractors that will respond to emergencies; this process will take 24-72 hours.

Purchasing: Sanitizing and Disinfectants Products

Pratt recommends discouraging the practice of purchasing sanitizing and disinfecting products by individuals and departments and further recommends that each department refer to Purchasing for best practices, recommendations and placing orders.