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COVID-19 Guidelines and Policies

Classroom and Studio Guidance

The following guidance is for the use of classrooms and studios for instruction on campus. These guidelines are subject to revision as COVID-19 conditions change. Additional guidelines are available below for events and gatherings and meetings and workspaces.

Classroom Guidance

  • Students and faculty need to be masked in the classroom while instruction is being provided unless eating or drinking.
  • All lecturers and presenters are required to be masked while providing in-person instruction. Clear masks will be available at the L/AC and HR for those who would like to wear them.
  • Departments should have masks available if a replacement is needed.
  • All classroom participants should spread out as much as possible and avoid crowding.
  • Students should not be penalized for wanting to maintain physical distance within the classroom.
  • Whenever possible, demos can be recorded for later viewing to prevent crowding. Projecting the demo if classroom equipment allows is also advised to maintain physical distance.
  • Be mindful of preventing crowding when rearranging the classroom and moving furniture.
  • Be mindful of varying levels of comfort during group or team activities.
  • Refer to the Guideline for On-Campus Events below and Back to Pratt Campus Access Policy for information regarding guest lecturers.

Studio Guidance

  • Students and faculty are required to wear masks while instruction is being provided unless eating or drinking in studios.
  • Students are encouraged to wear masks in studio spaces but are not required to do so when instruction is not being provided.
  • All studio participants should spread out whenever possible and avoid crowding.
  • Students should not be penalized for wanting to maintain physical distance within the studio.
  • Be mindful of distancing during critiques or any group work.
  • Offer critiques online as often as possible and when appropriate. Guest jurors coming to campus will need to follow the requirements for vaccination submission to come to campus.

Cleaning Information

  • Please contact the Department of Facilities Management for any additional services; e.g., setups, additional trash removal, etc.
  • Brooklyn: ext. 3579 or
  • PMC: ext. 7422 or cjackson@pratt.ed

On-campus Events and Gatherings Guidance

Locations on campus where occupancy was previously reduced by 20 % have been restored back to the pre-pandemic FDNY occupancy limits. You can see the list of event locations at 25Live Event Spaces or by logging on to 25Live via onePratt

All on-campus events producers must pre-register attendees via; Engage, Eventbrite, or some other manner of documentation. The registered list of attendees must be sent to Public Safety at 24 hours before the event. 

Effective Monday, November 28, 2022, prepackaged food and drinks are no longer required. Catering vendors may resume pre-COVID serving options, however, there should be ample serving utensils and tools to discourage using hands for self-service.  

All catering must be arranged through either our on-campus dining services provider, AVI, or another pre-approved caterer. To determine if a caterer is pre-approved, email Indoor events with food or drinks should consider lower attendance. Public Safety is required to be at all indoor and outdoor campus events where alcohol is served. Use multiple event spaces or the largest available space where attendees can distance while eating or drinking or allow for staggered dining times. Please contact Facilities Management at regarding cleaning, trash bins, trash removal, electrical needs, and usage of outdoor spaces not included in 25Live.

General Guidelines: Access, Masking, Occupancy

  • Based on current campus conditions, on-campus events and pre-approved Pratt off-campus events are limited to current Pratt community members and pre-registered external guests. If you wish to include external guests at an event, you must receive approval from your vice president, the provost, or dean, as appropriate, prior to planning, announcing, or promoting your event.

General Considerations When Planning An Event

Prior to announcing or promoting your event (e.g. a thesis show, a department exhibition, a guest speaker, or a department gathering), you should review these planning guidelines:

  • Consider ways to reduce density (e.g., host an event at multiple locations or Zoom/live stream the event).  
  • Consider hosting your event outdoors. 
  • Use multiple event spaces or the largest available space where attendees can distance while eating or drinking or allow for staggered dining times. During indoor events, masks may be removed for eating and drinking. Re-mask immediately after dining.     
  • Have a supply of disposable masks readily available.
  • Use a sign-in sheet or registration confirmation system that collects each Pratt-affiliated attendee’s name, ID number, and phone number, in case contact tracing is needed.  
  • Contact the Department of Facilities Management for any additional services (e.g., setups, additional trash removal, etc.).
  • Brooklyn: ext. 3579 or
  • PMC: ext. 7422 or 

Non-Pratt Shows Events/Exhibitions: General Guidance for Scheduling an Event

  1. Once the initial plans for an event have been made, contact Risk Management at prior to scheduling or announcing the event. Further coordination may be required to ensure that logistics, cleaning, safety, and insurance requirements have been appropriately considered prior to announcing the event.  
  2. All events must be scheduled in an accessible space unless the guest list is predetermined, not subject to change, and any individual accessibility needs have been reviewed. 
  3. Departments must enter all on-campus events into 25Live to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  4. All external guests, speakers, or vendors must be pre-registered in advance of any event or gathering. Departments should either enter these guests in the Public Safety Approved for Campus Access system or provide Public Safety with a list of external guests, speakers, or vendors 24 hours in advance.
  5. For assistance with live streaming an event, contact Dan Lawson at Campus Event Services.

Field Trip Guidance

Class field trips are permitted.

Class trips are permitted only to locations that are following current NYC city, NYS state, and CDC COVID-19 protocols. Approved locations include museums, galleries, public spaces, and outdoor venues, but trips to private studios, shops, and offices will not be permitted so long as they at this time unless they can demonstrate compliance with city, state, and CDC COVID-19 guidelines. 

For more information, please refer to these resources: NYC GuidanceNYS GuidanceCDC Guidance.

Questions, requests for clarifications, or requests regarding for exceptions to these guidelines may be directed to and will be considered on a case-by-case basis*. 

If a student is not comfortable participating in such a field trip, the student should be offered an alternative way of achieving the goals of the trip.

In addition, instructors may ask students to visit a particular site individually, if that site is open to the public and if the students are comfortable making the visit.  If any student is not comfortable with the assignment, the instructor should create an alternative that will satisfy the requirements of the class.

If a field trip does not take place during class time (this includes travel), faculty should advise students at the beginning of the semester. If a student cannot accommodate the visit because of work, child or parental care, or other conflicts, faculty should suggest an alternative assignment that will satisfy the pedagogical goals.

We will continue to evaluate and update this guidance as conditions change.

*All of the guidance provided is based on the current recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the NYS and NYC Departments of Health and are subject to change as the internal and external conditions related to COVID-19 may impact our community.