New Student Orientation will begin virtually during the month of July and continue throughout the semester. Residence Hall move-in will occur over the course of the week before classes begin and be accompanied by some in-person Orientation experiences. The in-person components will coincide with staggered move-in dates. More information is forthcoming in July.

New faculty orientation will be ongoing engagement over the course of the semester: a virtual welcome session followed by online meetings and training options over the course of the semester and the year, and access to online resources in which faculty can engage at their own pace.


Pratt’s residence halls will be open and all students who have secured housing will maintain their current fall assignments. New students will receive their housing assignments in July. Move-in will be scheduled over the course of the week before classes begin. Each student will receive a date and time for when they can move in and instructions for how to do so. 

Social Contract

Pratt Institute is asking each member of our community to pledge accountability by signing a social contract agreeing to abide by requirements and expectations that will contribute significantly toward reducing the spread of COVID-19.