Building Community and Engagement Remotely

The staff and faculty at Pratt are committed to building and strengthening their relationships with students and the relationships between students. Digital services and solutions have been developed to connect students with each other and with their professors and the administrative staff. Individual and group counseling will be widely available to all students, and student clubs and organizations will continue to meet and develop programs online. For students pursuing either the remote or the hybrid option, student services, activities, and engagement will be online. All support services will be easy to access. There will continue to be opportunities for students to engage in campus governance and community dialogue remotely.

Getting Involved at Pratt

While at Pratt, you will explore many academic opportunities that will shape your identity and career path. Pratt hopes, in addition to your academic endeavors, you will explore identity beyond classes through involvement in clubs, organizations, recreation, and student employment opportunities. By getting involved, you will gain valuable skills that will enhance your personal and professional development. Many clubs and organizations will continue to meet virtually this semester, giving you the opportunity to connect with your classmates and others with similar areas of interest.

To find the most current list of student organizations and club-sponsored events at Pratt, sign in to Engage with your OneKey. Clubs and organizations will look for new members throughout the school year. If you don’t see something of interest, contact Student Government Association or Student Involvement and we will see what we can do to help you find your niche at Pratt.

Outdoor Space

To help de-densify campus, new tented areas have been added near the Rose Garden for classes and student activities. There are four large tents, two that are 20x20 and two that are 20x40. Each tent is equipped with tables and chairs, lighting, and wifi. These tents will be maintained until Friday, October 30, 2020. These tents are available in 25 Live by reservation for outdoor classes and student activities with all social distancing measures to be followed.


Pratt Institute has made the difficult decision to not reopen the residence halls this fall, given the current state of COVID-19 globally and in the United States. We have decided that we can provide the safest conditions by closing the residence halls and attending to a much more contained use of campus. Please see Residence Halls: Fall 2020 Decision to Remain Closed for more details.

Social Contract

Pratt Institute is asking each member of our community to pledge accountability by signing a social contract agreeing to abide by requirements and expectations that will contribute significantly toward reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Athletics and Recreation

Pratt Institute has announced the cancellation of sports throughout the fall semester due to COVID-19. The decision has been made based on the challenges and limitations that go along with providing a safe and healthy environment for our student-athletes, as well as the general student population. See Athletics and Recreation for more details.