Campus COVID-19 Conditions Indicator


Current Level: Green


Through the Campus COVID-19 Conditions indicator Pratt will monitor and adjust campus operations in response to COVID-19. Pratt is committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19 on campus and communicating any operational changes with our community members. Pratt’s has established a Risk Assessment & Mitigation Group, composed of subject matter experts, to continually monitor, assess data, and make recommendations to Pratt's senior leadership team for changing or elevating the campus operational status. Please direct questions about COVID-19 conditions on campus or the actions outlined below to

Pratt reports COVID-19 testing results daily to New York State and a summary is published in a public COVID-19 Report Card along with other higher education institutions and K-12 schools.

Current actions for COVID-19 Containment:
Level Green

What is Pratt Doing:

  • Surveillance and monitoring of transmission rate, conducting health audits, and consulting with internal and external partners.

  • Increasing awareness about signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and as to Quarantine and Isolation Precautions.

  • Provide on-going community education of COVID-19 general information and containment and prevention efforts

  • Promote the importance of the Core 4:

    • Staying home if you are sick

    • Frequent hand washing

    • Maintain social distancing

    • Wear facial coverings

  • Ongoing and active screening of community members upon admission to campus daily for fever and symptoms of COVID-19 including: shortness of breath, new or change in cough, chills, sore throat, muscle aches

  • Maintain a threshold criterion for testing of community members, as needed.

  • Provide education to community members on hand hygiene. Ensure alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers are available in common areas and throughout the campus.

  • Re-enforce the consistent use of PPE to be utilized (facemask, eye protection, and gloves).

  • Ensure adequate PPE supplies are available.

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect the common areas twice a day, especially the main entry areas. Wipe chairs (seats and arms), tables, and any other items that are touched frequently by community members. Increased focus on the high touch points: doorknobs, light switch, remote controls, countertops, restrooms.

  • Audit compliance with cleaning and disinfection.

  • Alert community members, via the COVID-19 risk assessment dashboard, in preparation for a status or operational change.

What are individuals asked to do:

  • Remain vigilant in their role for the containment and prevention (e.g., transmission, signs, symptoms, general infection control practices)

  • Continue to follow the social contract and be considerate of all community members

  • Maintain the Core 4.

  • Check Pratt website regularly for updates.

  • Ensure one’s own contact information is up to date.

Other Action Levels for COVID-19 Containment