Campus COVID-19 Conditions Indicator

Current Level: Yellow


The Pratt community may need to adjust how we live, learn, and work together throughout the semester based on changing COVID-19 conditions. The risk assessment and decision team meets regularly to review the current conditions based on city, state, and CDC guidance, local and campus positivity rates, and the available resources required at each level to maintain a healthy campus. The current campus conditions indicator with four levels (green, yellow, amber, and red) is displayed below, in the weekly e-newsletter, and on campus monitors. Knowing what each level means is essential to your safety and the safety of those around you, and to maintaining educational continuity. Please study the following chart to be prepared for inevitable changes throughout the semester. And, as always, these directives are subject to change, so read incoming emails and check Back to Pratt.

Pratt reports COVID-19 test results weekly on Friday.

Pratt COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

Results for the week ending on Number of on-campus tests Total new positive cases
2022-06-30 6 52

The number of on-campus tests indicates tests administered through Pratt Institute’s testing program only, and does not include tests administered by any other services. 
The number of new positive cases includes all cases that have been reported by students, faculty, and staff who are both on and off-campus.

Campus Condition Levels and What We Do





What’s the condition?
Cases are rare and transmition is controlled.
NYC or Institute indicators show rates of infection are elevated or increasing.
Significant increase of infections in NYC or Institute posing strain on quarantine capacity or ability to isolate and perform contact tracing.
NYC/NYS issues a directive requiring a shift to remote instruction or a high rate of illness precludes the Institute's ability to maintain a safe environment.
How will I know?
Current condition displayed on the Back to Pratt website and campus monitors. All communication coordinated through the Back to Pratt website and weekly e-newsletter.
Pratt Alert text message and special email alert. Additional signage and communications regarding specific safety precautions for each level. Alerts will also be sent when we leave this condition.
Classes and Work
Instruction and work as scheduled.
Instruction and work as scheduled with additional safety precautions listed below.
Temporary shift to remote instruction and reduced staffing levels report in person.

Limited campus access as outlined below.
Indefinite shift to remote instruction and work.

Essential staff only on campus.
Campus Access and Events
Unlimited access for current students, faculty, and staff with signed social contract and proof of COVID vaccination (or approved exemption), and booster (if eligible).

External guests, independent contractors, and vendors permitted for academic and Institute objectives (including events and exhibitions) with prior registration and following COVID requirements.
Limited campus access for Pratt community members and pre-screened guests and vendors.

No in-person, indoor events on or off campus.

Sporting events limited to Pratt athletes, visiting athletes, and coaches only, and restricted to the gym level of the ARC.
No in-person events on or off campus, indoors or outdoors.

Sporting events suspended.
External community access as posted.

Events permitted on campus according to posted guidelines.
Campus building closed to external community without prior registration.

Sporting events limited to Pratt community, visiting athletes, coaches, and pre registered guests only.

On-campus events and exhibitions permitted with restrictions and access to the internal community and pre-registered external guests only.
Field trips and class outings suspended.
Studios, Shops, and Labs
Studio, shop, and lab use as usual.
Studio, shop, and lab use as usual with additional safety precautions listed below.
Studios used by a single individual remain open.

Access to other studios limited.

Material pick up by appointment only.

Shops and labs closed.

Computer labs and output centers closed.

Technology Desk open by appointment only.
All studio spaces closed.

Labs and shops closed.
Services as usual.
Services as usual with additional safety precautions listed below.
Libraries open with a reduced schedule.

ARC workout facilities open by appointment only.

Mail and Print Services open.

Dining hall seating capacity reduced.

“Grab and go” service is encouraged.

Limited dine-in seating will be available to one person per table for 15 minutes.
Library operations via contactless pickup for materials.

ARC workout facilities are closed.

Dining services suspended for all except “grab and go” dining service for residential students only.
Residence Halls
Unvaccinated residents follow masking and distancing guidelines below. Masks not required in private rooms.
Residence halls remain open. Dining services available as listed above. Residents should follow masking and distancing requirements below.

Residents should use caution and limit the frequency and scope of their interactions with others, especially limiting unmasked interactions.
No non-Pratt-affiliated guests permitted access to residence halls.
Resident student access restricted to their assigned building.

No guests permitted access to residence halls.
Masking and Distance
Follow NYC, NYS, and CDC guidance for masking and physical distancing.

Unvaccinated are required to mask and maintain physical distance in public areas.
Masks required indoors for all. Masking required for unvaccinated community members at all times.

Maintain appropriate physical distancing wherever possible indoors, and follow NYC, NYS, and CDC guidance.
Masking required on campus indoors, around others outdoors, and in residence halls outside of one's own room.
Masking required on campus, both indoors and outdoors, including residence halls.
Physical distancing as posted in all common areas.
Mandatory weekly testing for unvaccinated faculty, staff, and students.

Optional testing available at no cost for all Pratt community members.
Mandatory weekly testing of 100% of campus population, regardless of vaccination status.
Daily Health Screening Questionnaire required for unvaccinated, optional but encouraged for all other community members.
Daily Health Screening Questionnaire required for campus access.
A new negative PCR test result, taken within 72 hours prior to arriving on campus, is required for campus access.

Focused PCR testing protocol implemented for residence halls.
Safety Procedures
Disposable masks available at Public Safety post. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers available in common areas throughout campus. Cleaning and disinfection of common areas, especially main entry areas.
Monthly deep cleaning and disinfecting of all areas.

Improve indoor air quality by diluting recirculated air with fresh air, installing high-density filters and additional air handler engineering controls.

In spaces without mechanical ventilation, install fans to increase air changes per hour.
Frequency of deep cleaning and disinfection of all classrooms, shops, studios, and offices will increase as the on-campus infection rate increases.
Maintain heightened deep cleaning and disinfection protocols for any occupied spaces on campus.
Continue to evaluate indoor air quality best practices and implement as needed.
Evaluate the need to implement additional site-specific air purification measures.
What else should I do?
Keep informed. Check the Back to Pratt website regularly and read incoming emails.

Remain vigilant about containment and prevention.

Continue to follow the social contract and be considerate of all community members.

Continue to follow the Core 4 health practices.

Report your illness if you test positive to the appropriate department.

Ensure the Institute has your current contact information for alerts.

Plan carefully to ensure you have all supplies and materials needed to transition to remote instruction and/or work.
Limit the duration and frequency of off-campus activities and contacts.

Minimize activities that might pose a risk and keep them brief.

Upgrade your mask and wear it properly.
Remain in contact with your faculty or supervisor about expectations and any difficulties you encounter while learning, or working remotely.

Campus Condition Levels and What We Do