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Design Business

Client: Girls From Savoy | Creative Director: Annette Berry | Photographer: Nadya Wasylko

Transform your design practice into a design business. Regardless of the scope of work, a business acumen is essential for success in a crowded market. Whether you are just getting started, or leveling-up, Pratt SCPS’s Design Business courses have you covered.

Approximate cost of the certificate is $2000.
Learn about Finance Options here.

Certificate Requirements

(Select 1)

  • Project/Portfolio Development
  • UX/UI Project/Portfolio Development

(Select 4)

  • AI Enhanced Design Business
  • Branding – Design the Brand of You
  • Career Development: Hone Your Writing Skills
  • Design For a Living: Everything You Need to Know About the Business
  • Freelancing
  • Paid Advertising: Converting Eyeballs into Leads

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