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Current Students

ADE graduate students come from various walks of life and with different backgrounds in art and design. ADE undergraduate students have the opportunity to get their B.F.A. or B.F.A./M.S. in art and design education while simultaneously continuing their studies and practice in a core studio field, along with the extended opportunity of taking electives in other studio fields. The experiences in both their home department and their studio classes allow them to grow as educators, artists, and community practitioners.


Students in the Art and Design Education department are exposed to a range of issues and debates in the field of art and design education and related domains of research and action. Their experiences prepare them for work with a range of audiences in different realms and contexts. The engagements also enrich their own art practices while their teaching practice is augmented by exposure to learning theories and teaching practice.

Student Awards

The department gives various awards during each semester. These student awards reward students with various interests, who in turn enrich the department through their imaginative input and creative reinforcement of programs and operations including graduate assistantships in the Art and Design Education department office and in the Youth Programs office.

The Saturday Art School student awards are given to two or three students in the Saturday Art School laboratory school to assist faculty with observations and supervision in SAS classes. 

Other student awards are piloted or initiated given available funding in the Chair’s office or with specific classes.