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Rome Summer 2007-2017

The Summer program in Rome gives students at the GAUD (and/or equivalent M.Arch programs internationally) an opportunity to engage Directed Research at the GAUD through a three credit Architecture elective. Studying an extraordinary multi-media range of architecture, painting, and sculpture from the most ancient to the most recent times in Rome, Florence, Mantua, Vicenza, and Venice, students will learn contemporary generative methods of analysis and design. The course focuses on the diverse ways digital visualization can be a crucial new lens of perception and communication—exploring how modeling, animation, augmented reality, and other visualization techniques can move beyond merely documenting a building to provide new forms of critical agency. Students interested in additional credit may be eligible for an independent study upon confirmation by the instructor.

  • All GAUD Students from all programs, students from other Pratt School of Architecture programs with a Bachelor of Architecture, or students at Pratt pursuing a Masters Degree in Communication Design, Industrial Design, or Interior Design.
  • Students from any equivalent Master of Architecture program
  • Four weeks
  • May 21–June 15
  • Three credits
  • Contact Professor Mark Rakatansky,