National Portfolio Days in Your Area

National Portfolio Days are scheduled throughout the United States and Canada at various art schools and colleges. Pratt attends most but not all.  Pratt also attends several regional portfolio days. The schedule of portfolio days that Pratt attends is below. Visit the National Portfolio Day (NPD) website. Event locations and times are listed on the NPD website.  Reservations are not required for NPDs.

Portfolio days are specifically for prospective freshman and transfer students to receive feedback on visual portfolios. Please bring 12 to 20 pieces of original work including sketchpads if available. You may bring work in any medium including clothing, jewelry and sculpture if you can carry it. Most schools will ask to see work from observation, so make sure you bring enough of a selection. If you wish your digital work to be viewed, bring your own laptop as well as an additional battery as most colleges will not have access to an electrical outlet or laptop.

Pratt's Portfolio Review Form is found at the bottom of this page in pdf format. We encourage you to download it, print, and complete it and bring it with you if you wish to have Pratt review your work. It will save you time at the event itself.  A PDF of the national and regional portfolio day schedule is also available at the bottom of this page.

2018/2019 National and Regional Portfolio Days

Event Date Event Location
September 22 2018 Denver, CO
September 29 2018 Dallas, TX
September 30 2018 Houston, TX
October 6 2018 Cincinnati, OH
October 7 2018 Columbus, OH
October 7 2018 Minneapolis, MN
October 14 2018  Chicago, IL
October 17 2018 Heckscher Museum of Art
October 20 2018  Hartford, CT
October 20 2018  San Diego, CA
October 21 2018  Boston, MA
October 21 2018  Montclair Art Museum Portfolio Day, Montclair, NJ
October 27 2018  Richmond, VA
October 28 2018  Ann Arbor, MI
November 3 2018 Toronto, Ontario 
November 4 2018 Syracuse, NY
November 4 2018 Philadelphia, PA
November 9 2018 Hudson Valley Regional Portfolio Day, Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum 
November 10 2018 New York, NY
November 17 2018 Atlanta, GA
November 17 2018 Washington, DC
November 18 2018 Charlotte, NC
November 18 2018 Baltimore, MD
December 1 2018 Vancouver, BC
December 1 2018 Phoenix, AZ
January 5 2019 Seattle, WA
January 6 2019 Portland, OR
January 12 2019 San Francisco, CA
January 13 2019 Los Angeles, CA
January 19 2019 New Orleans, LA
January 26 2019 Miami FL

For more information regarding National Portfolio Days, including event locations and times, please see the NPDA website at

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