Pratt’s Rankings

#1 (2017) 
(Ranked first of the top 20 best art schools in the world)

#1 PayScale (2014)
(Ranked Pratt first among the best schools for art and design majors on the mid-career salary of its graduates.)

#5 QS World University Rankings by Subject
(Ranked fifth in the world for art and design out of 50 colleges, 2017)

#5 Graphic Design USA
(Ranked fifth out of the top ten most influential design schools of the past half century)

(Ranked Pratt sixth of the top 30 best art and design schools in the world, 2016). 

#6 Business Insider
(Ranked sixth in Business Insider’s rankings of the World’s 25 Best Design Schools)

(The School of Architecture ranked sixth among the most prominent Schools of Architecture in the world by

#8 Red Dot Design
(Ranked eighth in Red Dot Design’s 2013 international ranking of universities)

#10 College Factual
(Ranked design programs among the top ten nationally (top five percent of schools considered) and fourth regionally of 216 colleges and universities for veteran friendliness, 2019.)

#10 University Business
(Ranked as the tenth college in the US in the UniversityBusiness magazine's exclusive "Higher Education 2013 TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings" report)

Pratt was ranked among the top design schools by BusinessWeek.  

Pratt's sculpture park was ranked among the top ten campus art collections by Public Art Review.

College Magazine ranks Pratt 8th in its list of the top 10 most beautiful college campuses.

College Factual
Ranked among the top one percent of schools for visual arts and design and among the top five percent for architecture and fine art, 2018. 

Blouin Art Info
Ranked among the world’s top seven best art schools, 2018,

School and Program Rankings

Undergraduate Rankings (Bachelor’s Programs)

#1 Design and Applied Arts
(Ranked first in New York and second in the nation by College Factual, 2019)

#1 Architecture
(Ranked first of 93 schools nationwide by College Factual, 2018. 

#1 Fine Art and Studio Programs
(Ranked first nationally in USA Today, 2015, by College Factual)

#1 Design and Applied Arts Programs
(Ranked first of 217 colleges offering design and applied arts programs, College Factual, 2018)

#1 Graphic Design
(Animation Career Review ranked Pratt the number one graphic design school in New York, 2020)

#2 Interior Design
(Ranked second nationally  by DesignIntelligence, 2016–17)

#2 Industrial Design
(Ranked second regionally by DesignIntelligence, 2016)

#2 Fashion Design
(Ranked second nationally among private schools and colleges (top 3% of schools considered), #3 nationally (top 3% of schools considered)  by, 2018)

#2 Graphic Design 
(Animation Career Review ranked Pratt #2 nationally among schools offering graphic design, #3 nationally, #3 among private schools and colleges, and #3 on the East Coast, 2020)

#3 Communications Design B.F.A.
(Ranked third of the top 20 best visual communications degree programs by, 2019)

#4 Interior Design
(Ranked fourth among the world’s top 10 interior design programs by, 2019)

#4 Fine Arts
(Ranked fourth in New York by College Factual, 2019)

#5 Animation
(Ranked fifth nationally (in the top three percent of schools considered), second on the East Coast, and second in New York by Animation Career Review, 2018)

#5 Fashion Design
(Ranked fifth of the top US art and design schools in Fashionista, 2016)

#5 Art and Design
(Ranked fifth in the world for art and design out of 50 colleges by QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2017)

#5 Illustration
(Ranked fifth (top four percent) by Animation Career Review, 2019)

#5 Film, Video and Photographic Arts
(Ranked fifth of 127 colleges nationwide (top five percent) offering film, video and photographic arts, College Factual, 2018)

#6 Architecture
(Ranked sixth of the 50 best architecture programs in the United States by, 2020/2021) 

#6 School of Architecture
(Ranked sixth among the most prominent Schools of Architecture in the world by

#6 Fine and Studio Arts
(Ranked sixth of 508 colleges, College Factual, 2018)

#7 Architecture
(Ranked seventh by DesignIntelligence, 2020)

#9 Industrial Design

(Ranked ninth nationally by DesignIntelligence, 2016)

(Ranked one of the country’s 10 best colleges for film in USA Today, 2014, and ranked among the top in the nation in Variety Magazine, 2019.) 

(Ranked among the top 25 American film schools by The Hollywood Reporter, 2018)

Interior Design
(Ranked among the best undergraduate interior design programs by Architectural Digest, 2019)

Graduate Rankings (Master’s Programs) 

#1 Interior Design
(Ranked first in the country by DesignIntelligence 2018/19)

#2 Animation
(Ranked second on the east coast, and eighth nationally by Animation Career Review, 2015)

#3 Industrial Design
(Ranked third nationally and first regionally by DesignIntelligence 2015. Ranked fifth in U.S. News and World Report’s 2013 guide to "America's Best Graduate Schools."

#4 City and Regional Planning 
(Ranked fourth nationally among master's degree granting institutions that do not also grant PhDs in the Planetizen Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs, 2019)

#4 Art Therapy
(Ranked fourth of the top ten best Master's in Art Therapy programs by, 2020)

#4 Architecture
(Ranked fourth among the top 13 best schools offering graduate programs in architecture by, 2016)

#5 Art and Design
(Ranked fifth in the world for art and design out of 50 colleges by QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2017)

#6 School of Architecture
(Ranked sixth among the most prominent Schools of Architecture in the world by

#9 Fine Arts
(Fine arts program ranked ninth on the 2020 Best Colleges List by This ranking is the first to be based on median early-career salary data of over 5 million graduates from the U.S. Department of Education's resource, College Scorecard)

#11 Painting and Drawing 
(Ranked among the top 11 best painting and drawing programs in US News and World Report, 2020)

#11 Library and Information Science Archives Program
(Ranked eleventh nationally by US News and World Report, 2013)

Library and Information Science
(Pratt Institute’s M.S. in Library and Information Science is ranked among the best Library and Information studies programs in the U.S. by US News and World Report's Best Graduate Schools Guide (2017))

#12 Communications Design
(Ranked number twelve nationally in U.S. News and World Report’s 2013 guide to "America's Best Graduate Schools")

Design Management (M.P.S.)
(Ranked among the top programs nationally by Businessweek)

#15 Fine Arts
(Ranked number 15 nationally out of almost 300 graduate fine arts programs by U.S. News and World Reports, 2020)

#17 Graduate Architecture
(Ranked seventeenth by DesignIntelligence, 2018/2019)

Information Experience Design
(Ranked among the top 18 UX/HCI schools in the US,, 2019)

Advanced Certificate in User Experience
(Ranked the User Experience Advanced Certificate #24 of the best Alternative UX Design Programs,, 2018)