A student working on a Sol LeWitt drawingCheck our FAQs below. If you don't find the answer to your question, type in your own question, email admissions@pratt.edu or review the links provided below.


1. How much is tuition?

Check our undergraduate or graduate cost of attendance for the year.

2. What are your portfolio requirements?

Our undergraduate portfolio requirements are online. Our graduate portfolio requirements vary by academic program. Make sure you check both the general graduate requirements and the department requirements.

3. What is the application deadline? 

4. Do you have a minimum SAT test score?

Pratt is test-optional for US citizens and permanent residents whose first language is English. Applicants are welcome to submit test scores if they would like, however. If applicants submit scores, they are considered in the admissions process. Although all application materials are important to admission, an excellent portfolio can often outweigh a low GPA or test score. All of the above are considered in the evaluation of an applicant to ensure that we admit students that will be successful at Pratt. Although the average GPA is 3.8, students below this as well as above are accepted and do well at Pratt. In the end, the decision to admit an applicant is based on the perceived fit between them and Pratt. A strong essay can also help to mitigate lower scores. You may view a description of the freshman profile. Admissions Requirements.

One of the intangible things we look at as well is the student's commitment to the field they are choosing. The student who draws or writes on their own, keeps a journal or sketch book, attends a class outside of school, and generally considers art or writing an important part of their life is more than likely someone who will do well at Pratt. Equally, the student who has a passion for art or writing or architecture and shows potential but has not had the advantage of preparation in school or out will also likely do well at Pratt.

Pratt is different from high school where you took classes you may not have been interested in. Students have described the experience of walking onto campus and "feeling they belonged in this community of artists, designers, and writers." As one student put it, "I come to class to have fun."

5. What majors do you offer? 

6.  What if I want to change my major when I get to Pratt?

Changing Majors and Schools Within Pratt: Students who wish to transfer from one school to another within the Institute should complete a Change of School Transfer Application and return it to the Office of Admissions no later than June 1 for the fall term and December 15 for the spring term. A $50 application fee must accompany this application. Students must meet the admissions criteria for the program to which they are applying. Credit transferred to the new program from either Pratt or other colleges is not computed in the new grade point average. Students are required to make an appointment with the Office of Admissions to determine transfer credit. A limit of one transfer between schools will be considered. Students requesting a second transfer will be required to obtain additional approval from both deans and the Office of the Provost.

7. What is your student profile?

Check out our freshman student profile.  

8. How do I check my application status?

You may check your application status online. Make sure to give us at least four to six weeks after your application and all materials are submitted since it takes that long for us to assemble your file with all documents.

Contact Information
Pratt Institute
Office of (Undergraduate or Graduate) Admissions, Myrtle Hall
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

9. Transfer Students: what are the requirements?

Transfer student requirements are available online.

10. Where is your Academic Calendar posted?

Pratt's Academic Calendar is posted within Academics.