Center for Career and Professional Development

Because Pratt is a professional school, the Center for Career and Professional Development with its thousands of connections to employers is an invaluable resource to all our students and alumni. We provide outstanding service to students and alumni, providing them with assistance in portfolio development, resume writing, and job placement. Services are available online as well as in the office, with employer listings online as well as workshops and advice.

Counselors are always available to meet with students to discuss job search strategies, job search tools such as resume and portfolio, and career aspirations. The office works with alumni from recent grads to alumni nearing retirement in order to help them maximize their career success.

More information available at the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Pratt Institute Portfolios

Visit Pratt Institute Portfolios to view recent student work as well as faculty and alumni work. Organized by major, this site showcases the extraordinary talent of Pratt's students, faculty, and alumni, and it serves as a source of talent for employers all over the country.


An internship is a form of experiential learning. You are placed at a job site according to your interests and learn on the job.

It should be a combination of practicing skills you already have and learning new ones. In some cases, internships can lead to further professional opportunities, but in every case it is a great way to gain experience, meet new people, and build your career network.

Because internships are considered learning experiences, it is also a good way to assess your strengths and weaknesses. As an intern, you are able to test your career goals and explore your options before entering as a professional.

At Pratt, the internship program is an academic experience, where students receive credits based on the number of contact hours at the internship site and department policy. Your internship experience will likely be accompanied by a seminar or a series of structured meetings.

To intern, you must be a junior or senior.

The internship site through career services provides you with everything you need to know about internship opportunities at Pratt.