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2022-2023 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

The following approximate costs are in effect at the time of publication.They are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees. The Institute reserves the right to change regulations at any time without prior notice. It alsoreserves the right to change tuition and fees as necessary. Tuition and fees are payable in full at the time of registration.

Undergraduate Tuition

  • 1–11 Undergraduate Credits: $1,793 per credit
  • 12–18 Undergraduate Credits: $55,575 annually
  • 19+ Undergraduate Credits: $55,575  plus $1,793 per credit in excess of 18 credits

2022-2023 FEES

Fees vary according to program.


  • Full-time (Fall and Spring): $350 Per semester
  • Part-time (Fall and Spring): $195 Per semester
  • Summer Term All Students: $195 Per semester


  • Full-time (Fall and Spring): $305 Per semester
  • Part-time (Fall and Spring): $155 Per semester
  • Summer Term All Students: $155 Per semester

Student Health Services Fee (Mandatory Fee that is not the same as Student Health Insurance)

**Waived for Study Abroad Students

  • Full-time (Fall and Spring): $200 Per semester
  • Part-time (Fall and Spring): $102 Per semester


  • International Students (Full-Time): $100 Per semester (Fall and Spring)
  • International Students (Part-Time): $75 Per semester (Fall and Spring)

Student Activities Fee

**Waived for Study Abroad Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Full-time (Fall and Spring): $157 Per semester
  • Part-time (Fall and Spring): $93 Per semester
  • International Students (Full-Time): $100 Per semester (Fall and Spring)
  • International Students (Part-Time): $75 Per semester (Fall and Spring)


$1242.00 Fall Semester 

$1,750 Spring Semester 

GEOBLUE (International Student Insurance) - **Varies on length of stay
(Required for all students studying abroad except for Copenhagen)


N/A Per Semester

Students may opt of this service for the year and waive the fee using the Tuition Insurance Waiver. Approved waivers for the Fall term, will be used to automatically waive the fee for the Spring term.

Shop Safety Course (school of art and Design)

$100 Flat fee in addition to all other charges.

Architecture Shop Fees

**Waived for Study Abroad Students

$100 Annually


  • Study Abroad fee: $400

Digital Arts Fees

  • All 100/200/300 Level Courses: $45 per course
  • ​All 400/500 Level Courses: $55 per course
  • ​All 600 level Courses: $65 per course


  • All 200-60 Level Courses in Sculpture    $60
  • All 200-600 Level Courses  in Ceramics $50
  • Students enrolled in Ceramics but requesting use of Ceramics facility and clay  $ 75
  • All 200-600 Level Courses in Jewelry     $45
  • All 200-600 Level Courses in Printmaking  $45
    To be charged for not cleaning out at the end of the semester


Deduct the Student Health Insurance Fee if you have completed your waiver online.

Deduct the Dewar’s Tuition Insurance Fee if you have completed your waiver online.

Students are accessed 100% of all fees when dropping classes and incurring penalties during the drop/add period.

Dormitory/Meal Plans

Dormitory and meal plans are charged by the Residential Life Office. Payment is expected in full for these charges by the payment due date. If a charge is incorrect or missing, please contact Residential Life at 718.399.4550 immediately to make adjustments on your invoice and to verify your assignment. You can always check any changes to your bill online at

Mandatory Medical Insurance

All students are required to have medical insurance. Pratt charges all students every semester to ensure each student is covered. For those students with existing medical coverage, an online waiver must be completed by the waiver deadline in order to avoid the student health insurance fee. You will be required to waive the insurance once each semester at the Pratt Waiver website.

For information regarding your medical insurance options, please contact the Health Services office 718.399.4542 or click here.

Auditing Courses

  • Students and community 50% of the published “per credit” tuition rate for each course.
  • Pratt Alumni (Degreed) 40% of the published “per credit “tuition rate for each course.
  • All persons auditing courses are charged 100% of all fees.
  • A registration fee will be charged to persons not matriculated during the semester in which the course (s) are audited  

Zero Credit Internships

  • Zero credit internships may have billing credits which are charged at 30% of the “per credit” rate.
  • All zero credit internships are charged 100% of all fees.

Pratt Institute Refund Policy

For all students, the following course withdrawal penalty schedules apply:

For the Fall and Spring Academic Year:

  • Full Refund: Withdrawal prior to and including the opening day of the term
  • 85% Tuition Refund: Withdrawal from the second through the eighth day of the term
  • 70% Tuition Refund: Withdrawal from the ninth through the 15th day of the term
  • 55% Tuition Refund: Withdrawal from the 16th through the 22nd day of the term
  • No Refund: Withdrawal after the 22nd day of the term

Summer 2022 Refund Policy

  • Prior to and including May 23: Full Refund
  • May 24-June 5: 55% Refund
  • After June 5: No Refund

VA and Third Party Company Billing

  1. Students must provide written documentation from the third party billing sponsor advising how much and when payment will be received for a given semester. The documentation should come from the third party billing sponsor and indicate the term the funds being received are for. The documentation should also clearly state whether any excess funds are to be refunded to the student or sent back to the third party billing sponsor.
  2. Students will be financially cleared only in the event the third party billing sponsor is covering tuition, fees and any other charges in full. THE INSTITUTE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO BLOCK FUTURE REGISTRATIONS IN THE EVENT THE THIRD PARTY BILLING SPONSOR HAS NOT PAID THEIR PORTION PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF A SUBSEQUENT SEMESTER.
  3. Students will not be financially cleared in the event the third party billing sponsor is only covering a portion of the tuition and fees unless the portion not covered by the third party sponsor is paid in full by some other means.
  4. Students can apply for refunds only in the event that the third party billing sponsor letter has been received and either payment in full is as a result of the letter, or additional financial aid must be in an approved status at the time the letter is presented. Refunds are not available until after the drop/add period ends for each semester.
  5. Students should bring or send the original documentation to Mr. Lloyd Noel - Student Financial Services - 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 Myrtle Hall 6th Floor.
  6. Third party billing sponsors are typically not billed until after the drop period ends each semester in order to ensure there are no future changes to registration. Students are ultimately responsible for any changes that occur to billing after the third party sponsor payment has been received.
  7. Questions concerning VA Billing for Chapter 33 are handled by the Registrar's Office, Ms. Charlotte Outlaw-Yorker - 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205 Myrtle Hall 6th Floor.

1098T Tax Credit Information

Heartland ECSI will have  2017, 2018, and 2019 1098T information in their system. For any forms older than 2017 please contact the Student Financial Services Office directly.

We can only provide reprints for a prior year.

Current year forms are only available through July 1.

Changes for 2018 and later: 

In years prior to 2018, your 1098T included a figure in Box 2 that represented the Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses (QTRE) we billed to your student account for the calendar (tax) year.

Due to a change in institutional reporting requirements under federal law, beginning with tax year 2018, (forms you will receive in 2019 and going forward) we will report in Box 1 the amount of QTRE you paid during the year.

Your 1098T may or may not include all payments made in a tax year. Qualified payments are based on qualified charges and may not be the total amount paid in a tax year.  Your Box 1 may be blank as a result

In certain instances, Box 5 may be greater than Box 1 in which case you should consult a tax advisor.

Depending on your income (or your family’s income, if you are a dependent), whether you were considered enrolled full or half-time, and the amount of your qualified educational expenses for the year, you may be eligible for a federal education tax credit. (You can find detailed information about claiming education tax credits in IRS Publication 970, page 9.)

The dollar amounts reported on your Form 1098T may assist you in completing IRS Form 8863 – the form used for calculating the education tax credits that a taxpayer may claim as part of your tax return.

We cannot give tax information therefore it is best to talk to an accountant or tax preparer to determine if you qualify. If your form is not available online, please contact us at

For a complete copy of your tuition bill for tax purposes, please contact Student Financial Services directly at

If you have any questions, please visit for information regarding your tax documents and to obtain contact information for Heartland ECSI.


IRS Pub 970

IRS Form 8863

For Canadian Students: Please provide the Canadian form to  Ms. Yvette Mack Myrtle Hall 6th Floor, to be completed and returned to you. You may also  mail the form to . Please allow 48–72 hours for the form to be completed.

Late Fees, Interest, and Return (Bounce Check) Fees

  1. A late fee of $200 will be charged for any unpaid balance after the initial disbursement of financial aid has been applied for each semester.
  2. The Return Check fee is $25. The Institute reserves the right not to accept any subsequent personal checks after a check has been bounced.

General and Miscellaneous Fees

  • Application Fee: $60
  • Application Fee - International Students: $90
  • Acceptance Deposit: $500
  • Residence Deposit: $300
  • Duplicate/Replacement Diploma: $35
  • Thesis Submittal Fee (Per Copy): $100
  • Parking Permit: $200 - Lost or stolen Permits: $25 - apply for your permit here:
  • Lost/Stolen ID Card – ID Card Replacement Fee: $25

Portfolio/Work Experience

  •    A. Deposit: $100
  •    B. Fee: 30% of the Undergraduate per credit rate 2022-2023 $538

Transcript Requests

  • Regular Request (Internet): $7.50 (includes $2.50 Clearing House Cost)
  • Express (Internet): $12.50
  • Other (In Person): $15.00
  • U.P.S. Service (Internet): $18.50

Photography Lab Fees

  • Basic Lab Fee for PHOT 100-600 level courses,:$60
    Fee provides students access to checking out equipment for use off-campus and use of the B&W and color darkrooms. This fee is paid once per semester regardless of the number of PHOTO 100-600 courses in which a student is enrolled.
  • Digital Printing Fee required for PHOT 210, 220, 414, 474, 475: $100
    Fee provides students access to digital/labs and unlimited printing on the small-format inkjet printers.
  • Digital Mural Printing Fee required for PHOT 310, 410, 455: $250
    Fee provides students access to all digital labs and unlimited printing on inkjet printers including the large format inkjet printers.
  • Non-Silver Photo Lab Fee required for PHOT 415, 416: $75
    Fee provides students access and chemistry for the non-silver lab.
  • Lighting Studio Fee required for PHOT 322, 422, 466, $75
    Fee provides access to lighting studios and equipment

Film and Video Fees

Basic Lab Fee for a Single 100–400 Level Course: $50
Fee per Each Additional 100–400 Level Course: $10

Library Reproduction Fees 

Image Fees Summary

$10 Already digitized ($10 handling fee for up to 5 images, after that, additional $1 per image)
$25 New digital files per image ($25set up fee which covers up to 5images, after that, additional $1 per image)
$25 Handling for fragile/rare materials (additional $50 per hour, with a ½ hr minimum of $25)
Rush fees (additional 50% of total fee)
CD or DVD (additional $5 per order plus variable shipping/delivery fee)

Library Late Fines

$0.2 Circulating books - per day
$0.2 Picture files - per day per envelope
$2 Course reserve items – per hour or portion thereof
$5 Interlibrary loan items—per day
$1 Film and Videos, DVDs—per day
$5 Film and Videos, 16mm—per day
$12 Multimedia equipment—per day

Library Lost Item Replacement Fees

$90 Circulating books (additional $15 may be charged if a softcover is replacing a hardcover book)
$90 Course reserve items
$90 1 Day Loans
Interlibrary loan items—Lending library determine replacement costs
Film and Videos—DVDs & 16mm—replacement cost
Multimedia equipment—Replacement cost
35mm Slides—Determined by Department

Friends of the Library Fees

$100 General Public (For library access privileges & book borrowing—two book limit)
$50 Alumni

Lost/Key Replacement

$60 Lock (Core) Replacement – Residential Life
$30 Key Replacement Residential Life
$25 Unreturned Mailbox Key

Fees are payable to the Student Financial Services Office.