Welcome to Pratt Institute’s Veterans Website. As a veteran or dependent, you are entitled to certain benefits, and are eligible to participate in certain programs. Military student aid, such as the Montgomery GI and the Post-9/11 GI Bills to name a few, are the main reasons many people enlist in the armed forces.

Veterans and service persons, their spouses and dependents, or their survivors may be eligible for educational benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), not Pratt Institute, determines your eligibility for either of the two benefits.

You are a veteran if:

  • You served on continuous active duty for 181 days or more after January 13, 1955.
  • You served at least 90 aggregate days on active duty after September 10, 2001.
  • You are still on active duty
  • You were honorably discharged from active duty
  • You were released from active duty and placed on the retired list or temporary disability retired list
  • You were a member of the National Guard or Reserves who was called to active duty for purposes other than training.
  • You were released from the active duty for service in a reserve component of the Armed Forces.

When registering for classes, keep in mind that the VA will not pay for any classes that do not count toward your major.  Be aware that the VA periodically checks all applicants to ensure that the courses being taken are relevant to the student's declared major.  Failure to comply with this policy could lead to the VA billing you for benefits received for courses that do not count toward your major.

Using your VA Benefits at Pratt Institute:

  • Be accepted as a student matriculated in a degree of Study
  • Submit an application for VA Benefits On-Line
  • Submit a copy of your DD-214 or a copy of your NOBE - Notice of Basic Eligibility to the Certifying Official along with the approval letter from the VA notifying you that you are eligible to receive.
  • Marriage Certification (if spouse apply for benefit)
  • Dependent Child’s Birth Certificate (of student apply for benefit)
Military student aid, such as the Montgomery GI and the Post-9/11 GI Bills to name a few, are the main reasons many people enlist in the armed forces.

Application, Forms and Benefits Information

Military GI Bill Program – contains a full array of VA Education Programs, monthly rate information, application process and answers to any questions about benefits available to veterans and their dependents.

Application for VA Benefits - veterans and their dependents can visit this website to complete an application for GI Bill Benefits. If you are already approved for benefits, please bring a copy of your award letter to the Financial Aid Office so we can begin processing your certification. 

Accessing a duplicate copy your Form DD-214 Online – this document is need while filling out your applications for veterans benefits and must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office along with your approval for benefits award letter.

GI Bill Frequently Asked Questions  

VA Educational Benefit Rates