Transfer Admissions Requirements

Application Deadlines

Fall Deadline: February 1. Note that all required application materials are due by the deadline. Decisions are sent starting mid-March and sent weekly after that.

Spring Deadline: October 1.
Pratt accepts transfer applications for undergraduate programs for fall and spring entrance. Acceptance to the spring term, however, depends on available space and the evaluation of credits and subsequent placement.

The following majors will accept transfer students for spring regardless of placement (first or second semester): construction management, art history, art and design education (for sophomore level only), writing, and critical and visual studies. Most majors will consider students who place, based on studio credits, as second semester for freshman or sophomore year, with the exception of architecture and fashion design.   

Who is a Transfer Applicant? If you have attended a university or college full time (twelve semester hours or the equivalent) for at least one semester or term or will do so prior to enrollment, you are considered a transfer student. If you have or will accumulate at least twelve semester hours (or the equivalent) after graduating from high school and prior to enrollment, you are also considered a transfer student. If you earned college credit while still enrolled in high school (summer school, pre-college programs, advanced placement, dual enrollment between your high school and a university or community college, etc.), you are a freshman applicant. Applicants who are transfers but apply as freshmen may have their offer of admission rescinded because of different criteria for acceptance. The scholarship will be rescinded and the applicant will be reconsidered for admission and a transfer scholarship.

Students with College Degrees: Most of Pratt’s master’s programs accept applications from students from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds and do not require that you have a background specific to the major to which you are applying. If you have a four-year degree, you should apply to a graduate program rather than an undergraduate program as long as the major in which you are interested is offered at the graduate level. View all of Pratt’s programs at


Transfer Admissions Requirements

Below is a summary checklist. Details on each item are found below the checklist. 

  1. Application (online required) and application fee ($50 for domestic applicants, $90 for international applicants). Fee waiver information can be found below under "Application."
  2. Official college/university transcripts from all schools attended (no exceptions). See details below. Official transcripts must be uploaded to the online application.
    International transcripts. See WES requirements at international application information.
  3. An official transcript from the last high school attended with date of graduation is required. A high school transcript is not required unless students who have attended at least four semesters of college full-time or have earned at least 48 credits by the semester for which they are applying.
  4. One letter of recommendation is required. A request will be sent to you recommender through the online application. You will need your recommenders email address.  Instructions are on the application and below.
  5. Visual or writing portfolio uploaded at (not required for Construction Management applicants). View Portfolio Requirements.
  6. TOEFL, IELTS or PTE test score (international applicants whose first language is not English only). See International Requirements.
  7. Essay: the essay question is part of the application and must be submitted in the application. All applicants: Describe when and how you became interested in art, design, writing, architecture, or the particular major to which you are applying. Describe how this interest has manifested itself in your daily life.

All materials including portfolio if required must be no later than two weeks aftersent by the application deadline.

All Although materials should be sent online, mailed materials must be sent to:

 Pratt Institute
 Office of Undergraduate Admissions
 200 Willoughby Avenue
 Brooklyn, NY 11205

1. Application Form with Fee: All applicants are required to apply online. The completed application should be submitted online with a non-refundable $50 application fee or $90 for international applicants.

Fee Waivers:

Undergraduate applicants may request a college application fee waiver on the basis of family financial hardship using either the NACAC form or the SAT Fee Waiver form. Please follow the instructions on the College Board or the NACAC website to obtain either form and bring it to your guidance counselor. The criteria are listed on both sites.

Applicants who have already received an application fee waiver code from the College Board do not need to request a fee waiver code from the Pratt Institute admissions Office. The College Board code can be entered directly onto the online application by clicking the “Save, Pay, and Send” button at the end of the application once it is complete. This will take you to the application fee payment screen where you will choose the option to enter the College Board application fee waiver code to submit your application.

Applicants who have not received an application fee waiver code from College Board must first email a scanned copy of their waiver form to or fax it to 718.636.3670 with a cover sheet saying "Attention: Application Fee Waiver Request" before completing your online application. You will be emailed a one-time use waiver code to use on your online application once your fee waiver request is received and approved. Please let your guidance counselor know that we do not recommend mailing the fee waivers. They may email or fax us. Make sure you print information clearly and legibly on the forms. If faxing the form, you must include an email address to which the fee waiver code can be emailed. Failure to do so will prevent the processing of your request. Please allow up to five business days for the emailed requests and ten business days for faxed requests to be processed. The data you provide may be checked against the FAFSA. Please email if you have questions about fee waivers. The application fee waiver code can only be used once and will be assigned to a specific applicant. Attempts to share the code will result in loss of fee waiver and possible withdrawal of your application. Please note that only the online application fee can be waived; we do not waive the Slideroom visual portfolio submission fee.

2. College Transcripts: official transcripts should be uploaded when you complete your online application. Request an official student copy from your school, either digitally or physically, scan it, and upload it. It must have your name and the name of the school on the transcript. Transcripts from all institutions attended should be uploaded when you complete the application. Although we prefer to receive them online as they will immediately be recorded as received in our checklist system, you may mail them to Pratt Institute at the address below if you are not able to submit them online. Although official transcripts are not required until you are accepted and deposit, they may also be mailed in a stamped and sealed envelope directly from your university. All transcripts uploaded to the Admit system are considered unofficial. If you are accepted and decide to enroll, you must then submit your final official transcripts. Students who have enrolled in other institutions of higher education should upload official mid-year transcripts from each college or university. Students who have completed a four-year degree and are applying as an undergraduate for another program must submit their final official transcript with the degree and date of degree noted.

3. High School Transcripts: Transfer applicants are required to submit high school (secondary school) transcripts as well unless they  have attended at least four semesters of college full-time or have earned at least 48 credits by the semester for which they are applying. Official transcripts should be uploaded to the application.

International Students Only: International transcripts must be translated. All international transfer students except those from Korea and Japan must also submit their transcripts for an ICAP evaluation by WES ( to receive transfer credits. Pratt will not be able to review your transcript for acceptance unless we have the WES evaluation. Please have your transcript translated before submitting to WES. See International Requirements for complete information.

4. One Letter(s) of Recommendation (required): instructions for submitting letters of recommendation are included in the online application. You will need you recommenders email address.  A request will be sent to them through the online application. We recommend emailing them first to let them know they will receive an email.  Only one is required, but you may submit up to three.  You are encouraged to have at least one academic recommendation letter. If you have not attended high school for three or more years, you may have your present or former supervisor provide recommendations. Recommendations will only be accepted through online submission through the online application. We will not accept or be responsible for recommendations sent by any other method such as mail, email, fax, or any other electronic submission.

5. Visual or Writing Portfolio: The transfer portfolio requirements are the same as the freshman requirements if you have not taken art courses similar to our foundation year courses in your previous college will enter as a freshman transfer. Transfer applicants who have taken art courses should include 3-5 examples of work for each studio class at their previous college in order to be reviewed for credit. Transfer students may submit up to 45 images. 

Architecture: All architecture transfer applicants must submit a visual portfolio. Applicants who have not taken architecture design studio courses in their previous post-secondary school should submit a portfolio according to the freshman requirements and will automatically be placed into the first year of design. Transfer applicants who have taken architecture design courses should include examples of work that reflect all design projects at their previous schools. The number of images in the architecture portfolio will reflect the number of projects completed for a maximum of 45 images. The architecture students seeking the transfer of studio credit must use Slideroom to upload their images at

View Portolio Requirements

All mailed materials must be sent to:
Pratt Institute
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Myrtle Hall, 2nd floor
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205 

Current Pratt Associate Degree Students Applying to the B.F.A. Programs:

Entrance to the B.F.A. is for fall only.

Students in their second year of the associate's degree who expect to complete by the end of the spring semester must submit an application to Pratt's admissions office to be considered for the B.F.A. A cumulative Pratt GPA of 2.7 by the end of the fall semester of the sophomore year is required. Your acceptance is contingent on your maintaining your grades in your final semester. It is based on the portfolio and grades in the associate's degree program. Make sure you submit work from all courses taken so that your portfolio reflects your skills.

The application deadline to the B.F.A. programs is March 1, but we suggest submitting your online application at least a month earlier and submitting all your documents by March 1.

Changing Your Major
Students in the Associates degree who decide to change their major upon entering the B.F.A. will need to take an additional year's worth of coursework to make up the coursework they missed in the sophomore year. Students in the program who wish to change their major in the second year of the program would have to take additional coursework to make up the classes missed in the new major. We do not encourage students to change majors either in the program or after transferring to the B.F.A. because of the additional time needed to make up the sophomore required courses in the new major.

DCAD Transfers: DCAD students must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA for guaranteed entrance into Pratt’s programs for fall 2017.Those below 3.0 will be reviewed individually by the academic department and are not guaranteed admission. All DCAD applicants to Pratt must submit Pratt’s online application as transfer student along with their transcript(s) and portfolio. DCAD students who apply to Pratt for the major they studied at DCAD will enter as juniors at Pratt. DCAD students who apply to Pratt for a different major from the one they studied at DCAD will enter as sophomores for all majors but fashion design and architecture, where they would enter as freshmen. Architecture students will be at Pratt’s campus for five years to complete the B.Arch (a five year program).

Transfer of Credits

Residency Requirement:
Pratt requires that every student complete at least 48 semester credits at this institution and the last 32 credits must be taken in final sequence to earn any undergraduate degree. This requirement limits the number of transfer credits allowed to transfer into any undergraduate program. For instance the Bachelors of Fine Arts programs require 134 credits so the maximum number for credits allowed to transfer is 86. The Bachelors of Architecture program requires 170 credits, so the maximum allowed to transfer into this program is 122.

Evaluation of Credit

Transfer credit is granted for coursework that is comparable to Pratt’s coursework and is completed at a school accredited by an accrediting agency or state approval agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education or the international equivalent. Only courses with a grade of C or better and only a numeric evaluation of 70 or better from international institutions will be considered acceptable for transfer to the Pratt record. Credit will not be awarded for courses with grades lower than C (including C-) or less than 70. Credits may be awarded for courses in which (1) a grade of C or better is earned from domestic institutions (or 70 or better from international institutions as determined by an official international credit evaluation service) and (2) the courses correspond to the specific course requirements of the applicant's program of study  Grades of transfer credit are not included in the GPA.

A maximum of six credits in foreign language will be accepted. Students seeking transfer credits for studio courses in art, design, or architecture are required to submit a portfolio reflective of their studio coursework completed in a prior institution as part of the admission application.

International students may be required to submit additional class hour documentation to determine a U.S. semester hour equivalency or have their credentials of international credit hours evaluated by an official international credit evaluations service. Pratt accepts international credit evaluation performed by any member of the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES).

Credit evaluations will be completed only after acceptance. Students petitioning for transfer credit(s) must submit to the Admissions Office an official transcript from each college attended prior to enrollment. Additional transcripts will not be accepted for transfer credit evaluation after the beginning of the student's first semester at Pratt. Accepted students who seek AP, IB, or CLEP credit must submit official copies of score reports to the Admissions Office prior to enrollment.

Prior to registration, the transfer student receives an estimate by the Office of Admissions of the credit that can be expected for work done at previous college(s). Additional documents may be requested by the Office of Admissions (bulletin, course hours, syllabi, etc.) in order to complete the estimated evaluation. Deposited students should mail all education records to the Office of the Registrar. After all final transcripts have been received, a complete evaluation of transfer credit will be sent to the student.

In order to place above freshman level, you must submit a portfolio of work from courses similar to Pratt's first year program. For example, in Art and Design: to place as a sophomore, you must have taken classes similar to the foundation year curriculum to receive credit, and you must submit work from each studio course taken. To receive credit for the sophomore year, you must include examples from your major if you took major classes that reflect Pratt's second-year. Architecture portfolios should reflect work from all studios taken. The curriculum for each major is available online. The level of work in the transfer portfolio in addition to credits in courses taken are used to determine placement (freshman first semester, sophomore second semester, etc.) in Pratt's programs. Failure to show work from particular classes will affect the level of placement. Submit up to 40 images on Slideroom at Your final credit evaluation will be completed when we have your final grades in your last semester.

All students requesting transfer credit(s) must submit official transcript(s) from all colleges attended. Credit evaluations will be completed only after acceptance. Students seeking transfer credit for professional courses in art and design or architecture are required to submit a portfolio reflective of their coursework completed in prior college(s) as part of the admissions application. After acceptance, the transfer student receives an estimate by the Office of Admissions of the credit that can be expected for work done at previous college(s). Additional documents may be requested by the Office of Admissions (bulletin, course hours, syllabi, etc.) in order to complete the estimated evaluation; however additional transcripts for credit evaluation will not be accepted once the first semester begins. 

Transfer of studio credit and placement in the program is determined by the previously taken, how those courses correspond to required courses in the program, and the strength of the student's portfolio. The quality of the work in the student portfolio will be reviewed as well as the credits to award transfer credit. It is important for applicants to show examples of work from all of their studio courses in their admissions portfolio. Failure to do so may result in credit not being awarded for those courses without work. See section under Portfolio for more information on what to submit.

Pratt also accepts credit for Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP) tests with acceptable scores. Official copies of score reports must be sent to Pratt so that a complete credit evaluation may be done at acceptance.

The Pratt program is planned with the appropriate academic advisor using the estimate as a guide for the required work to be completed. After all final official transcripts have been received, a complete evaluation of transfer credit will be sent to the student and their advisor.

Final Official Transcripts: All final and official college and high school transcripts (indicating date of graduation) must be submitted to the Institute prior to enrollment. Failure to submit these documents on time may result in loss of transfer credit. Transfer credit is not included in the scholastic index and grade point average. If less than 50 percent of a student’s credits are earned at Pratt, the student will not be considered for honors.

Preliminary evaluations for transfer applicants are usually completed within a few weeks after the admissions decision has been made if the admissions office has all of the student's transcript and documentation. As soon as the final transcript is received by the admissions office, it is sent over to the registrar's office for the final credit evaluation, which is mailed out to students (by end of July). The academic advisers receive copies of the final evaluation and adjust courses accordingly. The applicant can contact the admissions office with questions about his or her evaluation after he or she has received the transfer credit evaluation in the mail. 

International students may be required to submit additional class hour documentation to determine an American semester hour equivalent or have their credentials evaluated or have their international credit hours evaluated by an official international credit evaluations services like World Education Services (WES). Pratt will accept international credit evaluations performed by any member of the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES).

Post- Matriculation: Once enrolled, students are expected to complete their undergraduate programs here at Pratt. Students will sometimes be given special permission to take credits outside of the institution if equivalent courses are not offered at Pratt. Students are only allowed to take a maximum of 6 credits outside of Pratt after enrolling, of which a maximum of 3 credits can be liberal arts. Students can only take these additional courses if they will fit within Pratt's residency requirement. Students wishing to petition to take outside credit can obtain the required form from the Office of the Registrar. The form must have all of the required permissions and be submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to the student enrolling in other institutions.