Pratt Institute campus in the fallWelcome Entering Students!

As a deposited student, you may now access our portal, MyPrattas soon as you have received your OneKey information from or from the Admissions Office The portal contains your student financial account, class schedule as soon as you have registered, and for international students the I-20 request forms as well as our learning management system and other information. Access the portal by logging in with your Onekey on the main website at the bottom right side (MyPratt) of the page. If you did not receive your Onekey, please be patient. Emails go out on Fridays or Saturday each week, and letters and packets go out weekly as well.

Granting Parent Rights: Students have the ability to grant a parent or guardian the right to access academic records, financial records, or both without providing him or her with the student's login and password. This can be done through the Academic Tools student menu (under My Personal Information) once you log in to Click on "Grant Parent/Sponsor Rights." If the person is not already in your records, you must first "Request Add Parent." Note: If your parents pay your bills, it is essential that they access your financial account online as Pratt does not send print bills to continuing students.

Items to Submit

The following is a checklist of items you will need to submit before school starts. Although we provided forms in your mailed packet, we ask that you use our new electronic forms below listed under the items below for health forms, preregistration, transfer credit forms, and disability resources.  

1. Your final official high school transcript

Transfer students must provide final official copies of all college transcripts if they were not provided at the time of application. Please submit these documents as soon as possible after you finish your last term if you did not already do so. High school students: inform your guidance counselor now that you will be attending Pratt. Final official transcripts should be mailed to Pratt Institute, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 unless your school uses an electronic system. If you are not graduated for any reason, you must notify Dustin Liebenow at

Note: Dual Enrolled Credits (AP, IB, Transfer Credit)

If you earned college credit while still enrolled in high school and wish to obtain credit for these courses (summer school, pre-college programs, advanced placement, dual enrollment between your high school and a university or community college, etc.), you must request that official transcripts from each college or university be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions using the National Student Clearinghouse or another online site if you attended college in the US, or contact the college’s registrar directly. Note that even if your dual enrolled courses are listed on your high school transcript, we require a final official transcript with the grades posted to be sent from the college through which the credits were earned. Credit will not be awarded until the college transcript has been received. AP scores must be sent directly from the CollegeBoard. Please complete the form under Registration/Transfer Students below.

2. Health Insurance

All Pratt students are required to have health insurance. If you already have health insurance you must submit a health insurance waiver so that you are not charged for insurance. The insurance waiver and health insurance process will be sent to you by email in the summer. 

3. Health Evaluation Forms

Health Evaluation Forms: The health evaluation packet is due by June 15 for fall entrants and January 1 for spring entrants. The health evaluation packet has three individual forms: the Immunization Record, the Tuberculosis Screening, and the Physical Examination. It is strongly preferred that you download the packet and take it to your health care provider for completion. Alternatively, upload your validated immunization records at the link below and call your healthcare provider for an appointment and the completion of the remainder of your health packet. You can download a copy of the health evaluation packet, view detailed directions on how to complete it, and upload your completed forms on this page:

*Remember, the separate forms may be uploaded as they are completed. They do not have to be uploaded all at once. Students will be notified of the status of the review process via their Pratt email address. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Health Office at

4. Registration and transfer credit (ap, ib, college-level courses)

Freshmen: complete the pre-registration form at the link below by June 10 for fall and December 9 for spring, and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form. Your information will be sent to your Academic Advisor who will register you for all of your classes. Your advisers will begin registering students for classes June 20 for fall and December 13 for spring. Once the registration process is complete for all students, you will then receive notification by email from your adviser along with instructions showing you how to see your schedule online. Once your advisor has finished setting your schedule, he or she will email you a confirmation and instructions how to view your schedule online, and you can print it out if you wish.

Transfer Students: complete the pre-registration form at the link below by June 10 for fall and December 9 for spring, and click on the submit button at the bottom of the form.

You will receive an email from Michael Farnham, Director of Academic Advisement, on June 12 for fall and by mid-December for spring with information on the registration process.  Registration can be done by your adviser based on your credit evaluation, or you can opt to meet with your adviser and do it together. Details will be provided in the email.  

A couple of points to keep in mind:

  1. You may not adjust your schedule on your own, so please do not attempt to do so, but if you need to discuss your schedule with your advisor, please contact him or her. Contact information is available at Advisors are assigned by major.
  2. Course adjustment dates (drop/add) may be found in the Registration Guides.
  3. No first-year student will be permitted to DROP a course without first meeting with the chairperson of the department that offers the course. We all understand that there will be extenuating circumstances, which may require some students to take a reduced credit load. Note: international students must be full-time (12 or more credits0 except for the last semester of the senior year. They may not drop below full-time without discussing first with the Office of International Affairs.

By submitting your pre-registration form, you are authorizing us to register you and you will responsible for paying your tuition bill by the deadline. Your bill will be online at as soon as you are registered.

Learning/Access Center: To register with the Learning/Access Center, use the form below.

International Students Only: as soon as you have your onekey login and password, please read the section on requesting your I-20 as the first step to getting your visa. The I-20 request process is done online with instructions for submission of additional documents.

International students whose first language is not English will be required to take our in-house English Placement Test to assess the level of English proficiency unless you submitted a TOEFL score of at least 600 or IELTS score of 7.5. You may be required to take Intensive English Program (IEP) classes concurrently with your degree program courses.

Students with a TOEFL score below 600 entering for the fall semester are encouraged to join the Summer Certificate of English Proficiency (SCP) Program to get a head start on English. For more information about the English Placement Test, the SCP and IEP Programs, and for the SCP application form, please check out our website at Please note that students joining the summer SCP must apply to this program before they begin their I-20 Request process, as the process will be different.


See the 2019 move-in orientation calendar.

Room Assignments and Meal Plans: Room selection options will be emailed to your Pratt email address and your personal email after we receive your housing deposit. Room assignments will be mailed in late July for fall entrants and mid-December for spring. The Office of Residential Life makes every effort to honor requests for roommates. Check for a list of what to bring, check-in procedures, and lots of other tips. You will receive an email with information on dining options at Pratt. All students may purchase a meal plan during orientation if they did not already sign up. The meal plan is required in certain residence halls. You may access Dining Options at

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is posted for your reference.

Student IDs and Parking Permits

You will receive your student ID card during orientation. Bring your tuition receipt or a residence hall room key. Prior to arrival on campus, we ask that you submit a photo online so that we can prepare your ID card ahead of time as lines at the ID office can become long. Submitting your photo in advance will expedite the process for you. Full instructions are outlined on the ID card site. We recommend submitting your photo no later than August 12.

Parking permits may be purchased once you have received a student ID. Commuting students are given priority over residential students as parking is extremely limited on campus. Once the passes are exhausted, students will be put on a waiting list until spots are freed up.


Laptops are required for some programs and recommended for others. See our Laptop Programs page for information on your major.

The campus is wireless in the library, residence hall lounges, cafeteria, at Pratt Manhattan and is going wireless in all classrooms and some administrative areas. More information is online

Shipping Items before You Arrive

You will receive an email in late July for fall entrants and December for spring containing your campus mailbox and mailing instructions. Once you have this information, you can mail packages to yourself. Our mail center cannot accept items received earlier than August 8. The mail center will be open on check-in day for you to retrieve your things.    

Paying Your Bill


You can view your online bill once you are registered at mypratt. Your payment is due August 1 for fall entrants and December 19 for spring. As soon as you are registered, you will be able to see your bill and make your payment online. 

Calculating Your Payment

If you received a scholarship or any other kind of aid, it will be posted to your bill ten days before the start of classes, but since your payment is due before that, you can calculate an adjusted balance as follows:

Deduct half your scholarship and/or financial aid including half the loan amounts from the online bill since you pay one semester at a time. Pay that amount. Make sure you check your balance monthly so that your account stays up to date. 

Payment Options

  1. Pay online at myPratt. You can only pay online if you have been registered. This option accepts credit cards, checks, and debit cards. The preferred option is the electronic funds transfer through check to avoid convenience fees.
  2. Cash and wire transfers are also accepted. Pratt only accepts wire transers through Peer Transfer. Wire transfer information is online
  3. All paper checks must be payable to Pratt Institute in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. Please include your student ID number on the check.
  4. Tuition Payment Plan: Pratt offers a monthly tuition payment plan for your convenience. You may apply at the following link: Please contact the Bursar's Office if you have questions about this plan at or 718.636.3539.

You may mail your check or credit card authorization form to:

Pratt Institute
Student Financial Services
200 Willoughby Avenue
Myrtle Hall, 6th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Please contact Student Financial Services with any questions

Deferring to another term or withdrawing: If you decide not to enroll at Pratt or wish to defer to the following term or year, please use our electronic form