Students sitting on the grass on Pratt Institute campusFall and Spring Applications

First-year high school applicants must apply to Pratt through the Common App.  Transfer students must apply to Pratt using the Pratt online application at the link below. Applicants for PrattMWP, Pratt’s upstate New York extension campus in Utica, must apply through the Common App if they are first-year students and through Pratt’s application if they are transfer students. Applicants will be able to select PrattMWP’s or Pratt Institute’s programs or both.

All programs offer fall entrance for high school and transfer applicants. Construction Management and the two-year associate's degree programs (AOS only) also offer a spring term start for high school applicants. The following majors will accept transfer students for spring regardless of placement (first or second semester): construction management, art history, art and design education (for sophomore level only), writing, and critical and visual studies. Transfer applications for architecture and fashion design are only accepted for fall start terms. Students who wish to change majors once they are enrolled must discuss it with their academic adviser. Most programs are limited in space. Questions may be directed to

Below are links to our requirements and our online application. We require all students to apply online since our process is electronic, including status checks. Full instructions are found below. If you're not sure of your major, read about our programs by visiting the links below. Questions? Email us at or check our FAQ.

Checking your Application Status

Check the status of your application online at the link below using your email address and the password you created when you submitted your application. Note that you will not be able to check your status until your application has been completed and submitted. Also note that  it takes up to three weeks from the date we receive your materials for your checklist to update.

Check my application status

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Pratt has a wide variety of highly ranked programs (Associate's and Bachelor's) from which to choose.  Read about all programs on our Academics page. Students can explore their artistic interests by taking courses in other majors. Students may apply as "undecided" if they are unsure of their major in the Schools of Art and Design, but we strongly suggest reading about our majors to try to apply to a specific major.  Students interested in architecture, construction management, writing, or critical and visual studies should not select the “undecided” option as these majors have a different first year. Note that although we try to accommodate all students, we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to select your first-choice major in the second year if you apply undecided. Therefore, if you do have a specific major in mind, we recommend you apply directly to that major. Note that undecided students are not permitted to enter programs in the Digital Arts department. The Schools of Art and Design offer a "foundation year" for all majors, with a slight modification for fashion, film and writing. Below is a list of programs with links to the departments. If you're looking for admissions requirements, they can be found online as well.

Brooklyn Campus

Manhattan Campus

Two-year Programs

Four-Year Programs

Extension Center

PrattMWP College of Art and Design: Pratt’s Upstate New York Extension Campus

PrattMWP, Pratt Institute’s extension campus in Utica, New York, and offers the first two years of Pratt Institute's renowned BFA in

After students complete their first two years at PrattMWP, they seamlessly and automatically relocate to Pratt’s main campus in Brooklyn to complete the last two years of their BFA; students do not need to apply to the main Brooklyn campus but simply relocate. Students will not be permitted to transfer to the Brooklyn campus before the end of the second year. Upon graduation, students are awarded their bachelor’s degree by Pratt Institute. Visit for more information.

Recognized internationally for the quality of its programs, faculty, and students, Pratt offers students:

  • A world-class faculty of successful working professionals who ensure the highest professional standards in the classroom while connecting students with internships and eventually jobs.
  • A choice of more than 20 and concentrations in its four schools: architecture, art, design, and liberal arts and sciences.
  • Ideal locations—a beautifully landscaped Brooklyn campus (main campus) just minutes from Manhattan with historic buildings, tree-lined green spaces, a contemporary sculpture park, and outstanding facilities and a Manhattan campus in a recently renovated historic building in Chelsea. The Brooklyn campus houses all the four-year programs but construction management, which is offered in Manhattan. The two-year associate's programs are offered in Manhattan as well. PrattMWP, Pratt's extension campus in Utica, New York, offers a beautiful campus, four majors, generous housing, and a significantly lower cost as well as a more intimate and quieter environment for the first two years.
  • An Outstanding Professional Education: Ranked programs are ranked within the top five or ten in the country.
  • Students begin their studio work in the first year—an intensive preparation that is highly valued by the professionals who hire Pratt graduates.
Ranked one of the top design schools by Businessweek.