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Welcome to all accepted students for fall and spring and congratulations! We hope that you are seriously considering Pratt as your first choice. Your academic department has emailed your acceptance letter. If you plan to enroll at Pratt Institute, please submit your deposit online at the link below.

To enroll at Pratt Institute, please submit your deposit online either at our online deposit page at the link below labeled (1) or by wire transfer using Pratt’s Wire Transfer Process at the link labeled (2). Please protect yourself against financial scams by phone and email, by people posing as government agencies or schools, and never make payments or share personal information with a source you do not know or trust. Pratt or any government agency will never ask you to complete a payment immediately without the ability to verify its validity. The $500 admissions deposit is non-refundable, and there is also a $300 housing deposit if you intend to live on campus. (You will not receive a confirmation of on-campus housing until June 1). Both deposits are due by December 1 for spring entrance or April 15 for fall or two weeks after the date on your acceptance letter, whichever is later. Housing will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

  1. Submit your Deposits Online: (preferred method): To submit your deposit online, you must have your Pratt ID and your date of birth. You should have received your Pratt ID with your acceptance email. You will receive an immediate confirmation, and your payment will be submitted to us immediately.
  2. Wire Transfers (only from foreign countries: Pratt now uses FlyWire for wire transfers. Once you have submitted the wire transfer, please notify the admissions office that you have submitted your deposit directly by Flywire by downloading the form below, scanning it, and sending it to
  3. Students who are unable to submit their deposits in either of these two ways and prefer to submit a check may do so using the form below and mailing it to the Office of Admissions, Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205. 

The deposit form for fall is available to download below. It should be used only if you use the wire transfer process. 

After your deposit has been submitted, you will receive your Onekey within 1-5 business days for access to our portal, as well as next steps.  If you want to get started or just review what will need to be submitted, visit our Deposited Students Page (link at the bottom of this page).

Financial Aid: Graduate student aid consists of department scholarships, if you were awarded one, with your acceptance letter and government loans for US citizens and permanent residents. To borrow funds up to the cost of attendance, you must have filed the FAFSA first at The loan process is outlined on our website.

Off-campus Housing: In addition to on-campus housing, off-campus housing is available in the immediate area, and you can access the resources here.

Tuition Cost by Graduate Program

Course Registration and Lifting Health Holds: Once you’ve deposited and received your OneKey, please visit our Deposited Graduate Student page for next steps. You will have the opportunity to register for classes after reaching out to your program department for advisement. Registration for new students begins in the summer. Important: It is imperative that you submit all required health forms by the deadline to ensure there is no delay in registering you for classes. Those who have not yet cleared their health holds by satisfying all health office requirements before the time of registration will be prevented from registering for class until all requirements are satisfied. We recommend completing health forms as early as possible to avoid any delays during registration.

Deferring to Another Term: For those accepted before April 15, there is a deferral deadline of July 15. For those accepted on or after April 15, the deferral deadline is August 1. If you decide not to enroll at Pratt or wish to defer to the following term or year, please use our electronic form after reading the information below. Please note that any merit scholarship you may have received will be deferred. The financial aid office will need to recalculate your financial aid, however, if you are a US citizen or permanent resident who submitted the FAFSA.

Note that you must submit your enrollment deposit prior to deferring. You will need your Pratt Onekey information (sent after depositing) to fill out the deferment form. Submitting your enrollment deposit secures your place in the program for the term to which you defer. We are unable to defer applications for students who do not submit the required enrollment deposit of $500. 

A condition of your deferred acceptance is that you do not attend another college during your deferral.  

Withdrawing Your Application: Should you choose to completely withdraw, please email Chris Paisley at

Already deposited?

Please visit our Deposited Graduate Students page.

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