Entering Students!

If you are an entering first year student:
  • You will be registered for your first semester of required courses by your academic advisor, based on your major.
  • Once registration is complete, your academic advisor will send an email notifying you that you have been registered, along with a link to the Student Self Service Portal to view your schedule.
  • AP and IB scores do not make their way to Pratt until late July or early August.  If you are required to take, for example, HMS 101A Literary and Critical Studies I, you will be registered for it. Once we have received your AP or IB scores, and you are awarded credit for HMS 101A, we will then adjust your schedule.
  • Supply lists will be sent to you by the various departments:  Fashion, Foundation, Architecture, AAS, AOS, Construction Management, Crit. Viz, and Writing.
If you are a transfer student:
  • Registration is extremely easy and can be done one of two ways. You can either come into the Office of Undergraduate Advisement and sit with your advisor and create a schedule together, or you can ask your advisor to register you for classes based on the Credit Evaluation form you received from Pratt's Admissions Office.
  • You can contact your advisor directly via email to setup an appointment. Appointments can be made between June 19 and June 28. It is imperative that you email your advisor in advance, as they may be taking vacation during the summer.
One very important point to keep in mind:
  • Do not attempt to adjust your schedule, you do not, nor does anyone in your household, have the ability to adjust a schedule. Dropping a class will result in a reduction of credit, which could lead to the loss of financial aid, and the loss of the Presidential Merit Scholarship. You will be able to make adjustments to your schedule once you are on campus and have met with either your department chair, and/or your academic advisor.