The Digital Arts Lab is a research facility dedicated to the interdisciplinary exploration, invention, study, and creative inquiry at the nexus of the arts, technology, and culture through rigorous scholarly research and innovative thinking to establish new knowledge and forms of creative expression.


HyukJae Henry Yoo

Acting Director, Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor

HyukJae Henry Yoo is an industrial designer, educator, artist, and researcher. He believes good design is an inseparable blend of art, science, and business, with humanity residing at its central core and acting as the glue which holds everything together. He currently teaches design studios and serves as a master’s thesis advisor in the Industrial Design Department, where he had received his Master of Industrial Design. From his prior life as a marketer of automotive and health products, he was naturally led to the field of design after realizing that only the products designed with holistic values will deliver sustainable performances. After gaining experience through design consultancies Henry Dreyfuss Associates, Teague, and Deskey Associates, he founded his own design consulting firm, which has served clients such as BMW, Boeing, Chrysler, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Gucci, Herman Miller, McNeil Associates, Philip-Morris, Samsung, Timex, Victoria’s Secret, Warner Brothers, and YSL. His current research topics include biosensors that enable living plants and food to sing, architectural spaces that enable the President to best listen to the American people, fractal math furniture, and gestural-tactile musical composition interfaces.

Seth Weiner

Visiting Artist

Seth holds an SMVisS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.F.A. from Rhode Island School of Design


WiiCam and WiiMote Server for Maya

Wiimote Server for Maya allows a Wiimote controller and an optional nunchuck controller to communicate with Autodesk Maya. It is a simple integration of the WiiYourself! library by gl.tter with Maya's built-in mocap server. Wiicam for Maya is an accompanying mel script which sets up connections between a Wiimote and a Maya camera. It allows the user to control a camera with a Wiimote to simulate the look of a handheld camera. Users can capture these movements for use in animation.


openPipeline is an open source framework for managing animation production data and workflow. Its first implementation is a MEL-based plug-in for Autodesk Maya that handles specific aspects of production: automatic directory structures, file naming conventions, revision control, and modularity that makes multi-artist workflows possible.


A quick MEL script that exports selected polygon objects to a specified STL ascii file for use with 3-D printers and rapid prototyping.

MIDI Tools for Maya

The MIDI Tools plug-in for Maya allows users to import MIDI files into a scene and associate note events with animation clips in an intuitive and versatile way. It is designed to give animators the freedom to experiment with different approaches to musically-driven animation.

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