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Our Printmaking curriculum is rooted in how the print, from its earliest form, has been a way to document, communicate, and disperse information both written and visual. The Printmaking Concentration at Pratt Institute promotes the exploration of visual representation through the medium of print as a primary art form. The program’s structure is based in the traditional mediums of relief, intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen while encouraging the use of photo processes, digital, and alternative methods. The studio courses foster imaginative approaches in addressing formal, technical, and conceptual creative problems. Course work is augmented by offsite visits to the abundance of print collections, collaborative studios, museums, and galleries that NYC offers. The Printmaking Faculty consists of recognized artists who encourage our print majors to explore the medium of print, the form it takes, and their own vision with conceptual and theoretical rigor.

Students and Alumni have partcipated in opportunities at:

  • IPCNY - Invitational print exhibits
  • Lower East Side Print Shop - Internships and residencies
  • Robert Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop - Internships and residencies
  • Harlan and Weaver - Internships
  • Two Palms Press - Internships
  • PRESSURE by the Print Club of Pratt

For more information please contact the printmaking coordinator: J. Martin Mazorra,

Printmaking club:

See Fine Arts, BFA (Emphasis in Printmaking) Curriculum Overview and Yearly Plan of Study

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