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Pratt Institute’s Undergraduate Jewelry program is part of the Department of Fine Arts, offering students a rich and rigorous educational experience. This internationally competitive program in the field of contemporary jewelry prepares students for a career that is filled with countless opportunities for success. Pratt’s Brooklyn location places it in close proximity to New York City’s jewelry and fashion design companies—among the best in the world—providing a wide range of creative stimuli and professional networking opportunities for the jewelry student. Countless museums and galleries further enrich the cultural experience. The historic Diamond District, located in mid-town Manhattan, provides convenient access to industry suppliers for tools, materials, and specialty techniques.

The jewelry course of study places strong emphasis on design, craft, theory, social responsibility, and professional development. Jewelry courses cover every facet of traditional metalworking skills, digital processes, design, history, theory, ethical practices, and professional development. Electives can be selected from not only the Fine Arts Department, but throughout the entire Institute, complimenting the core jewelry curriculum and providing a cross-disciplinary experience applicable to each student’s goals and interests. Fully equipped metalworking and enameling studios are at the student’s disposal, along with computer labs, 2D and 3D printing labs, laser cutting, CNC machining, woodworking, plastics, powder coating, and electroforming. All junior and senior jewelry majors are assigned an individual bench space in a designated studio with their peers, where collaboration and community are fostered.

Experiential learning takes students out of the studio-classroom and into the world. New York City’s myriad of cultural and commercial offerings provide the perfect backdrop for faculty accompanied student visits to pertinent museum and gallery exhibitions and talks, department store collections, and designer shops. The Pratt Jewelry program has cultivated significant relationships with prominent jewelry businesses, organizations, and notable individuals in the field, to provide students with strong professional experiences and support from the extended jewelry community. Students routinely participate in competitions, exhibitions, special projects, critiques with faculty, peers and guests, and mentorship programs. Nationally and internationally acclaimed contemporary jewelers are invited each semester to present public talks or participate in panels where students gain insights into current trends and the maker’s studio practice. 

Exchange options for qualifying students include Israel, Scotland, Netherlands, and Japan, enhancing the global and cross-cultural learning experience. Scholarships for summer study at various craft schools around the country, as well as a range of additional partnership programs with various companies and institutions help support students to broaden their experience and make life long connections that will propel their careers. Graduates of the jewelry program are poised to become leaders in the field with the globally recognized reputation of Pratt Institute, and a creative, authentic, and innovative approach to art, design, and making. 

See Fine Arts, BFA (Emphasis in Jewelry) Curriculum Overview and Yearly Plan of Study




Aubrey Hillman

Jewelry Faculty


Karen Bachmann
David Butler
Mary Beth Rozkewicz
Aubrey Hillman

Digital Technologies and Design

Ho’o Hee
Russell Jones
Ashley Marcovitz

History, Theory, and Professional Practices

Karen Bachmann
Toni Greenbaum
Mary Beth Rozkewicz
Katrin Zimmermann


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