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Drawing is a universal impulse that defines what is fundamentally human. Animals were drawn on cave walls over twenty millennia ago and today we still see drawing’s influence in every form of visual and spatial expression. Pratt’s undergraduate Drawing curriculum encompasses the full range of mark-making, from traditional practices to the latest technologies. As Drawing majors, students will be challenged to explore all possibilities of what a drawing can be and which conceptual approaches, tools, and techniques best convey their ideas and intentions.

Drawing can be a direct, spontaneous, and immediate record made in real time or it can be a calculated, methodical, and precise work executed by a computer program. Drawing reveals thoughts, ideas, and relationships drawn from observation, interpretation, and imagination. Drawing cuts across cultures, histories, and national boundaries. In the hands of artists like Agnes Martin, William Kentridge, and Kara Walker, drawing has achieved recognition as a primary art form in itself.

Pratt’s highly regarded faculty of New York-based artists and educators insures that students will be exposed to a range of approaches and methods of drawing in a contemporary critical context. The city’s world-class museums, galleries, artists’ studios, and alternative spaces function as an extension of Pratt’s classrooms and studios where students will find a community of like-minded peers and mentors invested in fostering their growth as professional artists.

See Fine Arts, BFA (Emphasis in Drawing) Curriculum Overview and Yearly Plan of Study

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