The Ceramics Curriculum allows majors at Pratt to investigate the exciting, diverse, and extraordinary uses of clay as a medium. Among the most ancient of artistic and practical materials, clay is infinitely malleable and transformational. Mined from nature, as well as made synthetically, clays can be molded, built, extruded, thrown on the wheel, fired, glazed, painted on, printed on, and used in very unique ways by artists. While objects and vessels are the most common products associated with ceramics, contemporary ceramists create installations, architectural environments, sculptures, and ceramic paintings. There are no limits to the possibilities of this amazing material and every artistic skill is called upon in its use.

The faculty in Ceramics at Pratt represent the full range of contemporary practice, including Sculpture, Design, and Ceramics production. Majors learn diverse traditions and techniques from hand-building and wheel-throwing to the latest computer-assisted ceramic technology and 3-D printing. Students are introduced to the history of ceramics and through class critiques and individual mentoring, develop an individual aesthetic and conceptual framework for their practice. Every Ceramics major is given an individual studio. By senior year, students are working independently on their self-defined projects, culminating in a thesis show in a campus gallery that is open to the public.

Pratt’s Ceramics program is the largest in New York City and its facilities are capable of producing large-scale works as well as production work in quantity. Ceramics graduates from Pratt have become leaders in the field, working as industrial designers, ceramics teachers, and as successful studio artists. 

Recent Visiting Artists: Tom Spleth• Kathy King • Beth Cavener Sticher • Carlos Runcie Tanaka • Steve Montgomery • Ron Nagle• Kathy Butterly • Richard Notkin • Marek Cecula • Susan Tunick • Adrian Villar Rojas • Aumi Horie • Avner Singer • Christopher Staley • Klein Reid • Christa Assad • Marc Ganzglass • David East • Marek Cecula • Beth Cavener Stichter • Andy Brayman


Requirements for BFA Ceramics, 2017