B.F.A. Fine Art Program Mission Statement

The Undergraduate Department of Fine Arts educates students to use their curiosity, talent, and intellect to build a unique artistic vision upon a common cultural ground. Through a studio-based art curriculum and broad offerings in the liberal arts and sciences, students learn new ways of seeing, thinking, and expressing themselves. A dedicated professional faculty with a commitment to excellence fosters the value of academic inquiry, the development of an individual work ethic, and a consideration of humanistic values and their consequences. Together with the Institute at large, the Undergraduate Department of Fine Arts provides students with the freedom and opportunity to develop as artists and citizens; envisioning its alumni to be significant contributors to artistic, scholarly, and societal discourse.

B.F.A. Fine Arts Learning Outcomes

B.F.A. Fine Arts students will be able to develop an understanding of technical and conceptual knowledge to use within their visual art production.

From foundations through senior year students navigate through a well-developed curricular framework. With our studio elective courses our students can make some of their own educational decisions that inform their studio practice. The students also acquire a broad knowledge in the chronology of the history of visual art, with areas of emphasis examined deeper in seminar courses.

After the completion of Junior and Senior Survey, our students move onto the development of their Thesis exhibition. Our Thesis exhibitions are open to the school and public for viewing. Here students are judged on their ability to produce a portfolio, artist statement, and professionalism in mounting an exhibition.

We push our students to research, develop, speak of and execute their ideas. We challenge them to move beyond their comfort zones. Students must be exposed to sound arguments, have an opportunity to criticize, and have a chance to present ideas visually and verbally. This critical learning process presents the opportunity for more conscious, well thought out opinions and conceptions about their own art and the art of others.