This program helps students to master new technologies that are reshaping the way people interact, communicate, and create new forms of expression. The curriculum prepares students for professional positions in the arts and creative industries that currently employ this technology: Interactive media, digital animation, and experimental fine arts.

This program may be completed in four calendar years.

Two specialized curricular options allow students to select a specific area of interest:

One of the most exciting aspects of being an artist in the 21st century is the ability to digitally alter any medium to express an idea.

Living and studying in New York City affords students access to galleries and production facilities that few cities can rival. Our graduate students routinely continue to expand their skills and make career changing contacts working as interns in  leading studios and galleries. These are just a few:

Galleries and Artists

Bitforms Gallery
Eyebeam Art & Technology Center
Pace Editions
Tracey Moffat Studio
Perry Bard Studio
Susan Silas Studio
Dusty Studio
Carla Gannis Studio
Mattia Casalegno Studios
Pablos Birthday Gallery
NYC Production Studios

Curious Pictures
CHRLX Studios
The Mill
Cartoon Network
Psyop Studios
Mechanism Digital

LX Networks, LLC
Manic NYC
New Art TV
Animation Collective
Atlantic Motion Pictures
Nathan Love
Outside of NYC

Sony Imageworks Studio
Blue Sky Studios
Disney Features