Undergraduate Digital Arts and Animation

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Pratt's Digital Arts major includes animation (both 3-D and 2-D) and interactive arts as concentrations in its B.F.A. in Digital Arts. Students develop their artistic sensibilities through the study of the theory, practice, and history of new media. Working closely with highly accomplished faculty, students apply contemporary practices in the fine arts, independent animation and creative industries to the production of digital animation, motion arts and interactive artworks. Students are expected to integrate their required studies in the liberal arts and sciences into the development of substantive artworks. Bachelors emerge prepared for graduate study or professional work and are poised to make meaningful and culturally notable contributions in the digital arts.

In Pratt’s Department of Digital Arts, undergraduates will develop aesthetic finesse, technological skill, conceptual sophistication related to digital media, and thorough comprehension of the potential of art and technology. Graduates demonstrate an expertise in their discipline, a unique voice in their medium and knowledge of historical works in art and technology. Students also learn to create professional documentation and presentation

Undergraduates study in one of three Digital Arts Concentrations:

Our home on campus is Myrtle Hall, a LEED Certified Green building that includes:

  • Nine state of the art digital studio/classrooms
  • Digital Arts Resource Center
  • Digital Commons flex-space
  • High Speed Fibre Channel Network
  • Traditional Animation Facilities
  • Audio Recording Studio 
  • Dedicated Green Screen facility
  • Graduate Studio spaces
  • 2-D/3-D Printers and production facility
  • Mediated Digital Arts Gallery

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