Undergraduate Digital Arts and Animation

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The Department of Digital Arts cultivates outstanding artists and professionals in the fields of animation, interactive arts and gaming. Within an atmosphere emphasizing curiosity, empathy and social responsibility, a diverse body of students prepares for successful careers in art, technology and entertainment.

Our structured curriculum immerses undergraduates in the execution of individually-produces projects while honing marketable skills for employment. Additionally, the program facilitates collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts through required courses, electives and student groups. Through a culture of freedom of expression students develop unique artistic voices. Small class sizes and mentorship by our distinguished faculty enable students to acquire robust production skills and create a professional portfolio or reel.

Within the Department of Digital Arts there are two degrees: Digital Arts BFA and Game Arts BFA.

Digital Arts Areas of Emphasis:

Game Arts:

Our home on campus is Myrtle Hall, a LEED Certified Green building that includes:

  • Nine state of the art digital studio/classrooms
  • Digital Arts Resource Center
  • Digital Commons flex-space
  • High Speed Fibre Channel Network
  • Traditional Animation Facilities
  • Audio Recording Studio 
  • Dedicated Green Screen facility
  • Graduate Studio spaces
  • 2-D/3-D Printers and production facility
  • Mediated Digital Arts Gallery

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