Our Mission Statement

Pratt Institute’s BFA in Photography provides a comprehensive photographic education through a core curriculum that promotes students’ technical and conceptual development. Undergraduates establish strong photographic practices through the study of analog and digital processes, the history and theory of photography, and the development of critical thinking and writing skills. Participating in this experience prepares students to actively contribute to culture and society as leaders in the photographic arts and applied industries as well as to pursue graduate studies in photography or related fields.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Show proficiency over analog and digital photographic materials and techniques
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge of aesthetic principles of photography
  • Have a broad knowledge of photographic history and theory, as well as a deep understanding of contemporary issues in photography
  • Demonstrate an artistic vision and a contextual awareness of their own work
  • Know how to exhibit and discuss a cohesive body of photographic work
  • Have the technical skills and professional practices necessary to pursue careers or graduate studies in the photographic arts and applied industries

See Photography, BFA Curriculum Overview and Yearly Plan of Study