The Made in NYC Photography Fellowship is a collaboration with the Photography Department and Pratt Center’s Made in NYC Initiative to support local manufacturers with photographic support. Three Undergraduate Fellowships are available each spring semester. Students receive tuition remission for their participation. Undergraduate Photography students who are proficient in digital capture, retouching, and lighting are encouraged to apply. 

The 2020-2021 Made in NYC Photography Fellows are:
Brandon Foushee, Undergraduate Fellow
Audrey Kenison, Undergraduate Fellow
Marley Trigg Stewart, Undergraduate Fellow

The 2019-2020 Made in NYC Photography Fellows are:
Madison Burger, Undergraduate Fellow 
Brandon Foushee, Undergraduate Fellow
Isabelle Sun Lee, Undergraduate Fellow
Mackenzie Lynch, Undergraduate Fellow

The 2018 Made in NYC Photography Fellows are:
Mathilde van Nuffel, Graduate Fellow 
Madison Burger, Undergraduate Fellow
Elizabeth Coetzee, Undergraduate Fellow
Wasi Ferdus, Undergraduate Fellow

Contact Adjunct Associate Professor Stephanie Powell for more information:

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