Graduate Painting and Drawing

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Pratt Institute’s M.F.A. Painting and Drawing Curriculum offers students a broad but rigorous studio practice, highlighting students’ individual development and focusing on an understanding of the significant concerns that constitute contemporary art today. From critical analysis to furthering and refining material knowledge, each student will engage in an intense studio experience, strengthening their skills and broadening their knowledge of historical, social, and critical issues through seminars, group critiques, and peer interactions. The two-year program culminates in a written thesis and solo thesis exhibition that prepares graduates to join the art world as professionals.

Pratt’s Fine Arts graduate faculty are award-winning artists who are in the forefront of visual culture in New York and who are engaged in diverse practices and discourses. A robust roster of visiting artists and critics is drawn from among outstanding professionals living and working in New York who significantly enrich the conversations in the studio. Pratt’s graduate Painting and Drawing program offers M.F.A. students a vital community of peers and mentors working at the highest level in the most dynamic art city in the United States. 


M.F.A Fine Arts - Painting and Drawing Curriculum

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