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The Integrated Practices’ (IP) curriculum is designed to provide students with rigorous conceptual and practical interdisciplinary training in studio and post-studio artistic practices. Students will be encouraged to work across disciplines such as installation, lens-based media, hybrid-media, performance, computer and web-based media, site-specific art, research-based practices, public art, social practice, and collaborative or community-oriented projects. Reflecting both emerging fields and more established contemporary forms of artistic production, IP’s curriculum is attentive to critical engagement in art and stresses the interrelations between artists, their works, and their intended audiences, with specific social, political, geographic, and cultural contexts.

Students in Integrated Practices will also have the opportunity to engage with PROJECT THIRD (P3), a socially engaged interdisciplinary forum that promotes collaborations between the Fine Arts and other departments and with communities outside Pratt. The IP curriculum is also aligned with The Visiting Artists Lecture Series (VALS), Pratt’s Sculpture Park, and Franklin Furnace.

Current and recent visiting artists and faculty

Amy Khoshbin (Civic Engagement Fellow, 2020-2021), Audra Wolowiec, Betty Yu, BFAMFAPhD (P3), Camel Collective (Carla Herrera-Prats and Anthony Graves), Chinatown Art Brigade, Heather Hart, Jaret Vadera, Jeff Kasper, Jenny Pollak, Kambui Olujimi, Mariam Ghani, Marisa Morán Jahn, Martha Wilson (Franklin Furnace), Paul Ramírez Jonas, Sara Reisman, Shane Aslan Selzer, Shaun Leonardo (P3), Tattfoo Tan, Tomei Arai, and others. 

Student Initiatives

Integrated Practices Collective (IPC) workshops with visiting artists and artist collectives: Tanja Ostojić (2017), The Guerilla Girls (2016), Dynasty Handbag (2016), Critical Art Ensemble (2016), and Art Learning Bank (Naroa Lizar, Nelson Plaza, Patrick Rowe) (2013).


See Fine Arts, MFA Curriculum Overview and Yearly Plan of Study


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