Pratt Upload
"Meme You and Everyone We Follow"

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pratt Upload is a day-length exploration of contemporary digital culture including panels led by artists in the field, free workshops and an exhibition, a keynote address by Marisa Olson and a multi-media after-party. PRATT UPLOAD 2014 will showcase artists, gamers, performers, hackers and software engineers that investigate networked realities, mimetic desires, cine-tele-digital personas and augmented bodies. By spanning the categories of animation, cyborg cultures, memes and performance, participants at Pratt Upload will be able to engage in debate about digital culture along with exposure to digital arts practices within our workshops. All workshops and panels at Pratt Upload are free and open to the public. Workshops seat 25 people and will be operated on a first come first serve basis.

Pratt Upload is coordinated by Assistant Professor Marianna Ellenberg, Digital Arts Chair Peter Patchen, Assistant Chair Carla Gannis and Digital Arts Gallery Curator Nicholas O'Brien.