Pratt Upload (2016) Patterns of the Mind

February 6–March 3, 2016

Today, we are surrounded and constantly bombarded with so many messages in many media—digital and analog, traditional, and state-of-the-art—that the message of any particular medium becomes diluted and interrupted, having to compete for attention with other media. In our post-post-modern epoch McLuhan’s other insight becomes important, which is that once the media does the job of man’s individuation and alteration of his environment by “evoking in us their unique ratios of sense perceptions,” what counts is the ability to choose among them to communicate the message. Medium matters, but only up to a point, as a conduit for the message. Patterns of the Mind is an exhibition about the primacy of the artist’s message, in which any medium is only a tool to carry it across. Patterns of the Mind features international new media artists including Pratt faculty in an exhibition of contemporary digital art and installation based work.

Curated by Anna Frants and Cyland Media Arts

Rubelle and Norman Shafler Galleries, Pratt Institute

Opening February 6, 7–10 PM

Subjectivization of Sound

Alexey Grachev and Sergey Komarov
Digital Arts Gallery, Myrtle Hall 4th Floor
6:30 PM

Participating Artists Include:

Justin Berry
Petr Belyi
Svjetlana Bukovich-Nichols
Alexandra Dementieva
Marianna Ellenberg and David Louis Zuckerman
Carla Gannis
Elena Gubanova
Ivan Govorkov
Pavel Ivanov
Peter Patchen
Vitaly Pushnitsky
Alexander Terebenin
Alyona Tereshko
The Window, Romanian Project
Bryan Zanisnik