Student Work

In response to a diverse and networked culture, Interactive Arts students at Pratt Institute work to produce experiences that provide audiences agency to explore critical issues. This work takes form as participatory physical installations, interactive objects, augmented and virtual reality simulations and networked-based applications. Recommended electives include courses in sculpture, history of new media, programming, on-line media, and electronic music and sound.

After graduation, Pratt Alumni can be found featured in important publications, exhibiting in galleries and new media institutions and working in major creative industries.


Requirements for MFA Digital Arts-Interactive Art

  • Semester 1

    Complete these courses plus 3 credits Studio Elective .

    DDA-610 Digital Arts Practicum Graphics

    DDA-617 Languages

    DDA-622 Interactive Media I

    DDA-606A Graduate Seminar I

  • Semester 2

    Complete these courses plus 3 DDA elective credits and 3 studio elective credits.

    DDA-606B Graduate Seminar II

    DDA-647 Physical Computing

    DDA-648 Interactive Installations

  • Semester 3

    Complete these courses plus 3 credits DDA Elective and 3 credits Art History Elective .

    DDA-660A Thesis I

    DDA-646 Interactive Arts Studio

  • Semester 4

    Complete these courses plus 6 credits DDA Elective and 3 credits Liberal Arts Elective .

    DDA-660C Thesis II



  • Apple Computer
  • Interface Media Group
  • Infinity Technologies
  • Phillips Electronics
  • IBM Watson Research Labs
  • Syrup LLC
  • Ta-Da Inc.
  • D' and many more

Galleries and Institutions

  • Bastardo: Imperio de Culto Visual
  • Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery
  • Bunny Cutlett Gallery
  • Et Al Gallery
  • Eyebeam
  • Harvestworks
  • Hester Gallery
  • Kimberly-Klark
  • Governors Island
  • Hyphen Hub
  • Microscope Gallery
  • MoMA
  • Nescafe Gallery
  • Pratt Manhattan Gallery
  • Spring Break Art Fair
  • The Other Art Fair
  • TRANSFER Gallery

Studios and Companies

  • 10up
  • Apple Computer
  • Big Spaceship
  • D'
  • Genera Games
  • Hotheads
  • IBM Watson Research Labs
  • IDT Corporation
  • Infinity Technologies
  • Interface Media Group
  • Kindea Labs
  • LifeLock
  • Local Projects
  • MediaMath
  • Milkman Games
  • NBCUniversal
  • Phillips Electronics
  • R/GA
  • SapientNitro
  • Syrup LLC
  • Syn Apse Games
  • Ta-Da Inc.
  • The Fearless Group
  • Tigerspike
  • Trademark Media
  • Unified Field
  • Zoomdata

Alumni have also gone to careers at academic institutions including:

  • LaGuardia CUNY
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • University of Florida, Digital Worlds Institute
  • Hoseo Technical College • (telephone) 718.636.3411 • (facsimile) 718.399.4494

Digital Arts graduates become leading contributors to the arts with a commitment to the cultural enrichment of their world.