Shaping the 21st Century

The mission of the Design Management (DM) graduate program is to build on Pratt Institute's international reputation for developing creative leaders and to provide an educational experience that can help shape 21st century strategic leaders able to bridge the disciplines of design and business and who can catalyze innovation. Our program objective is to develop reflective leaders who can collaborate to create sustainable strategic advantage using our Triple Bottom Line by Design plus Culture (TBLD+C) strategic framework.

Participants collaborate with faculty to achieve the following outcomes

  1. Apply theory to practice to discover and define opportunities to bridge design and business
  2. Demonstrate the power of collaborative practice used to design and deliver innovative advantage in an organization
  3. Evidence the value of strategic design leadership and triple bottom line design
  4. Deepen reflective practice and professional development

Program participants achieve these outcomes by:

  • Engaging in simulations and applied practice projects that test theory against the dynamic and evolving realities of design and business
  • Working in teams to discover opportunities and tackle "wicked problems" that cannot be effectively addressed without collaboration
  • Leading, learning and catalyzing change through the department's international publication Catalyst Review: Leading Creative Economies
  • Designing applied research projects that deliver strategic and innovative approaches to key global and business challenge
  • Developing team charters and professional and personal development plans and engaging in ongoing peer coaching

Entrance Requirements

Applicants will be considered if they have an undergraduate degree in a design discipline or another discipline with an interest in working in creative enterprise. Candidates will benefit most from the program if they have some work experience before entering and can use the program to advance their careers. For this reason, a resume is required. A TOEFL score of 82 (Internet) is required of international applicants. The GMAT is optional. Applicants considered for admission will be interviewed over phone, email, or in-person with the program director.

Degree Requirements

The DM program’s academic calendar is modeled after successful executive M.B.A. programs. Its schedule of alternating weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) allows participants to carry their job responsibilities while they study. Two five-day intensives—at the beginning and middle of the program—provide the opportunity for several brief, intensive courses, including behavioral simulation and negotiating modules.

DM course enrollment is available to fully matriculated Design Management and Arts and Cultural Management Students only. All courses are taken in sequence; each set of courses must be successfully completed in order to continue to the next sequence.

Program participants may not graduate without successfully completing all courses including Integrative Capstone. Participants are required to secure a Capstone project team during Semester 3. If participants are unable to recruit or join a team, they may not continue through the program. No individual projects will be allowed.

All classes in ACM and DM are taken as a cohort and in a required sequence. Each course acts as a prerequisite for the course which follows. For this reason, these courses are only available to students matriculated in the programs.


Requirements for MPS Design Management


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