The Low Residency, Spring/Summer Intensive format is based on an adult learning model. The program is designed for students who do not live near an established program or are not able to relocate to New York City, owing to professional or personal commitments. This format also suits students in New York City who have to maintain their employment. The cycle of classes is as follows: students take courses (9 days) in mid-March on the Brooklyn campus. During the last week of June, they take courses (8 days), also on the Brooklyn campus. During the first three weeks of July, students take three courses (over three weeks) in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Students receive reading assignments several months before the class begins. Papers are generally due in the Fall semester, enabling the students to integrate their readings, classroom and internship experience. During one of the introductory courses offered in New Hampshire, community children aged 4–18 are invited to attend a free creative arts program for a few hours a day over the three weeks. As part of their education while also offering a service to the community, students lead art/movement groups for the purposes of fostering creativity with these children.

Students complete two years of practicum/internship (direct experience in the field). This is completed from September through May after the first and second summers. Each year, students complete 16 hours a week, for 30 weeks, equaling 480 hours. Students secure internships at different settings and with different populations during the first and second year. Students are connected to each other and the program during fall and spring via online supervision group and forum.

The art therapy program is approved by the American Art Therapy Association (AATA). This ensures that the degree program is in full compliance with current AATA Education Standards and when our graduates apply for an ATR (Art Therapist, Registered) from the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB) their course work is automatically accepted. Pratt’s dance therapy program is approved by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA). This ensures that graduates will automatically receive a DTR (Dance Therapist, Registered) upon graduation. After accumulating supervised, paid working hours, a graduate may apply for an ADTR (Academy of Dance Therapists, Registered), which enables one to supervise, teach and work in private practice. For those intending to work in New York State, all programs are registered with the with the New York State Department of Education and are on record when graduates apply for New York State licensure.

To contact the Creative Arts Therapy Department directly, please email

Note to international students: The Spring/Summer Intensive Format is not eligible for an I-20 to be issued to get an F1 Visa. Other non-immigrants may be eligible for the program. Please contact and ask if you are eligible for the Low Reisdency Format within the Creative Arts Therapy Department.