Student work

Master of Professional Studies in Art Therapy and Creativity Development

By educating art and dance therapy students to become accomplished clinicians, graduates of the Creative Arts Therapy Department help individuals with mental health issues reach their full potential. The integration of theoretical and experiential learning forms the basis of the department’s educational process and creates a curriculum rich in critical and creative thinking to help students adopt innovative solutions to clinical issues. Creative Arts Therapy aims to create committed professionals who, through their chosen art form, apply the creative process and aesthetic decision making to become leaders in the creative arts therapy field. For information about our Spring/Summer Intensive format which includes the same course content, please visit our Spring/Summer Intensive webpage under Creative Arts Therapy.

Our tradition of teaching creative arts therapies is rooted in psychodynamic theory. We offer a historical perspective on the evolution of the field leading to current applications of practice in a variety of settings. Our program combines the power of non-verbal communication, artistic process, and embodied creative action. Our students develop self-awareness and recognition of their unique attributes through experiential learning. They acquire an increased sense of self and resiliency which is translated to their work as creative arts therapists. Learning objectives for the M.P.S. in Art Therapy and Creativity Development, the M.S. in Dance/Movement Therapy, and the M.P.S. in Art Therapy (Special Education) are as follows:

  • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of creative arts therapy theory.
  • Students will be able to apply theory to practice.
  • Students will be able to facilitate a creative, therapeutic process within their discipline.
  • Students will demonstrate sufficient self examination leading to respect and responsibility in aspiring to advance the welfare of clients.
  • Students will be able to operate within a treatment team and function within an institutional setting.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate skills of a scholar-researcher and contributor to the field.


MPS in Art Therapy and Creativity Development, 2018

  • Semester 1

    Complete these courses.

    ADT-641 Creative Arts Therapy I I

    ADT-645 Group Creative Arts Therapy I

    TECH-634 Materials in Creative Art Therapy

    ADT-661 Beginning Professional Practice and Clinical Supervision

  • Semester 2

    Complete the following courses.

    ADT-642 Creative Arts Therapy II

    ADT-640 Development Of Personality I

    ADT-662 Professional Practice and Clinical Supervision

    ADT-647 Art Diagnosis

    ADT-632 Research and Thesis

  • Semester 3

    Complete these courses.

    ADT-649 Advanced Seminar in Art Therapy I

    ADT-688 Family Art Therapy

    ADT-630 Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Issues

    ADT-663 Professional Ethics and Clinical Supervision

    ADT-655 Development of Personality II

  • Semester 4

    Complete these courses .

    ADT-650 Advanced Seminar in Art Therapy II

    ADT-664 Professional Identity and Clinical Supervision

    ADT-646 Group Creative Arts Therapy II

    ADT-660 The Psychology of Intergroup Relations & Institutional Process

    ADT-643 Expressive Modalities I