M-LEAD-TWO  Museum Library Education and Digitization-Technology/Web/Online    

We are delighted to announce the award of our new IMLS grant with Brooklyn Museum, the Frick Reference Library, and NYARC in the amount of $261,967 to support student interns and a fulltime post master's resident. —Dean Tula Giannini, Principal Investigator.    

We will be accepting applications for M-LEAD-TWO for the 2013-2014 academic year during spring 2013. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. 

M-LEAD-TWO is an IMLS-supported collaboration between Pratt Institute-SILS, the Brooklyn Museum, the Frick Art Reference Library and NYARC. The goal of M-LEAD-TWO is to build on the success of Project M-LEAD which allowed 30 SILS students to gain practical experience at the Libraries, Archives, and Digital Lab of the Brooklyn Museum. As with the previous grant funded project, M-LEAD-TWO aims to recruit a highly diverse and talented group of LIS students to pursue careers as librarians and archivists working in cultural heritage institutions. 

M-LEAD-TWO participants complete a two-semester internship program at one of the three partner institutions. Internship projects include review and cataloging of library collections, preparing collections of historical materials for digitization, description, and preservation of digital objects, as well as the review and processing of archives. These tasks offer practical experience in working with both physical and digital research collections.

Each M-LEAD-TWO participant will receive the following:

Tuition scholarship to cover LIS 698: Seminar & Practicum =  $3,378
Internship stipend payment #1 (end of Fall 2012)  =  $1,440
Internship stipend payment #2 (end of Spring 2013)  =  $1,440
Student membership in ARLIS & SAA for 1 year   =  $97
1 SAA or METRO workshop registration    =  $150

M-LEAD 2 Learning Objectives:

• Offer practical, hands-on experience working with art historical library and archive research collections.  
• Conduct research and acquire experience with digital asset management, digitization, digital preservation, and the emerging field of digital curation.
• Gain experience and insight into working at major cultural institutions.
• Participation in a large collaborative project.    

Preferred Skills:
• Experience working in a museum or library setting.
• Experience with cataloging standards (eg. MARC, DACS, and Dublin Core).
• Knowledge of digitization issues and best practices.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for M-LEAD-TWO, an applicant must meet the following criteria:
• Be enrolled in the Pratt-SILS M.S.L.I.S. program and have completed at least one semester.
• Not be currently taking or have completed LIS 698: Seminar & Practicum. 
• Be able to commit to a two-semester-long internship (120 hours per semester; Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters). 
• Graduate from the Pratt-SILS program no earlier than the end of the Spring 2013 semester

Project CHART 

Cultural Heritage, Access, Research, and Technology - 3-year IMLS grant, 2010–2013

Visit the CHART Web site for application form and instructions

Preparing Information Professionals as Digital Managers - Pratt-SILS with Brooklyn Historical Society (BHS), Brooklyn Museum (BM), and Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), Project CHART focuses on Digitizing Brooklyn Historical Photography and responds to the challenge and need for LIS education to prepare information professionals as digital mangers and curators for digital collections and services in cultural institutions. Pratt-SILS and its three partner institutions have been working together over the past few years on projects for access and preservation using Pratt interns. This project builds on our collaborative activities and mutual interests in advancing education for information professionals to better serve libraries, archives and museums in the digital age. —Dean Tula Giannini, Principal Investigator.

CHART - the elements

Cultural Heritage - represented by Brooklyn historical Photograph Collections are digitized for access, education and scholarship
Access - applying user-centered methods for search, content discovery, metadata, taxonomy, semantic Web
Research - the professional landscape for digital managers to define roles and responsibilities and knowledge and skills required to be effective and valued professionals; research technical and user aspects of the project
Technology - evaluate and select appropriate technology including open source software, project platforms, search engines and content management systems; design project site employing usability testing, social media, and user participation.

Project M-LEAD

Pratt-SILS in partnership with the Brooklyn Museum, a three-year IMLS grant award for $756,324 to support internships for 30 Pratt-SILS students, preparing Information Professionals for careers in Museum Libraries and Archives in the Digital Age. —Dean Tula Giannini, Principal Investigator.

SILS Program Scholarships

This new program is designed to support outstanding SILS students who have demonstrated leadership potential and academic excellence in their area of focus within the M.S.L.I.S. degree. The program supports field experience, research and international studies and encourages our students to be reflective of professional practice as expressed through practicum and research projects.  


The practicum is a three-credit course in which students learn from: 100 hours of on-site work experience supervised by information professionals in settings that reflects their interests, four seminar sessions and a project based on site experience research and observation.