What We Do

The Library Media Specialist program prepares students for New York State teacher certification in the area of Library Media Specialist (LMS). While we focus on preparing school librarians to work in the New York City public schools, our graduates are placed in a variety of educational settings. Many SILS LMS alumni are working as school librarians in both public and private schools in the New York metropolitan area and across the tri-state area in public libraries serving youth in educational publishing and curriculum design and development.

Who We Are

Library Media Specialists are at the forefront of nurturing student learning and information literacy. A LMS manages a school's library program, a hub for learning where pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade pupils can find resources to support research, read for pleasure, access technology, and so much more. A LMS is an instructional partner, teacher, information specialist, and program administrator. Our LMS program explores a variety of literacies, from reading and writing skills to technological know-how, and our students create lesson plans and programs that support pupils as they develop 21st-century skills.

Student options for certification:

Students matriculated in the M.S.L.I.S. degree program can apply to participate in the LMS program as their 36-credit degree. Students who have already completed their M.S.L.I.S. degree and wish to complete the LMS track can apply for the Advanced Certificate in LMS. Please note that any SILS student may register for most LMS Courses if they have met the necessary prerequisites.

Admission to LMS

Students considered for Pratt’s LMS program must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Acceptance to SILS (f you received your M.L.S. at Pratt SILS, you must reapply).
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Three exceptional recommendations.
  • GRE Score of 1150 or better, upon request.
  • Compliance with the New York State Liberal Arts requirement (details below)

The LMS program requires an application in addition to the SILS application. Students must fill out this application in person, following an interview with the LMS coordinator. The application consists of:

  • A brief two-page form.
  • A writing sample, to be completed on-site.
  • An interview with LMS coordinator.

To arrange an interview, or for more information, email the program coordinator at jhochman@pratt.edu.

Library Media Specialist Concentration Requirements

  • Pedagogical Core in Education (see below).
  • Liberal Arts and Science Requirement as per NYSED. Students who are deficit in this area may be provisionally accepted into the program and will be required to take undergraduate-level coursework at a certified institution of higher education and present transcripts of successful completion to fulfill this requirement (see below).
  • Required coursework (see below).
  • Required field hours and student teaching (see below).
  • Workshops in Child Abuse Identification, Life Safety and Violence Prevention, and Dignity for All Students.
  • Fingerprinting, per New York City DOE and New York State.
  • Passing scores on NYS Teacher Certification Examinations. For the most up-to-date information on required tests, see www.nystce.nesinc.com/NY_viewobjs_opener.asp.

Required Coursework For Completion of M.S.L.I.S. LMS Track

Core Courses in LIS

  • LIS 651: Introduction to Information Professions (3 credits, includes 3 hours of field observation in a school library media center).
  • LIS 652: Information Services and Resources (3 credits, includes 6 hours of field observation in a school library media center).
  • LIS 653: Knowledge Organization (3 credits, includes 3 hours of field observation in a school library media center).
  • LIS 654: Information Technologies (3 credits, includes 3 hours of field observation in a school library media center).

Required Courses in Library Media Specialist

  • LIS 648: Library Media Centers (includes approximately 21.25 hours field observation in a school library media center).
  • LIS 676: Literature and Literacy for Children.
  • LIS 677: Literature and Literacy for Young Adults.
  • LIS 680: Instructional Technology.
  • LIS 690: Student Teaching I Grades 1–6 (20 full days in NYC).
  • LIS 692: Student Teaching II Grades 7–12 (20 full days in NYC).

Two electives: 3 credits each/total 6 credits
Total: 36 credits in Library and Information Science coursework

Required Field Observations and Student Teaching

100 hours of field observation in school library media centers plus 40 full days of student teaching are required (20 elementary and 20 secondary). Student teaching is conducted in the fall or spring terms in New York City, under the supervision of certified school library media specialists. At least 15 hours of fieldwork must be conducted in a school library that serves students with special needs. Field hours and student teaching must be completed, documented, and submitted to the coordinator in order to graduate.

Liberal Arts and Science

Per the State of New York, all certified LMS must complete a liberal arts undergraduate course requirement, including the courses listed below. Students who have not completed these courses during undergraduate coursework may take courses during their tenure at Pratt toward compliance with this requirement. Courses need not be taken at Pratt Institute, and should be completed at the student’s convenience before their last term in the LMS program.

If a student has many liberal arts requirements outstanding (i.e., more than 3), it is strongly suggested he or she earns these credits before beginning master's work at Pratt.

Pedagogical Core

New York State requires a pedagogical core of education courses for all certified teachers. Pratt SILS offers several of these courses in cooperation with Art and Design Education (ADE).

Required courses:

  • ED 608 The Roots of Urban Education (3 credits)
  • ED 610 Child and Adolescent Development (3 credits)
  • LIS 691 Serving Children and Youth with Disabilities (3 credits)

TOTAL: 9* credits of pedagogical core coursework IN ADDITION TO 36 credit M.S.L.I.S.
*If you have a previous teaching certification, you may be eligible to waive up to 6 credits of pedagogical coursework (ED 608 and ED 610). For more information, please have the LMS Program Coordinator evaluate your transcript.


For students beginning in the Fall 2012 or later, an e-Portfolio is required. For more information, see www.pratt.edu/academics/information_and_library_sciences/about_sils/sils_eportfolio. The official e-Portfolio website is eportfolio.pratt.edu.

Contact Us

Students interested in a Library Media Specialist concentration should contact
Professor Jessica Hochman, Ph.D.
Library Media Specialist Coordinator
School of Information and Library Science
Pratt Institute
144 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011
email: jhochman@pratt.edu